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1. Actualités de la gouvernance internationale de la Mer Méditerranée

2. African peace : regional norms from the organization of African Unity to the African Union

3. Biolaw and international criminal law : towards interdisciplinary synergies

4. Crime prevention and justice in 2030 : the UN and the universal declaration of human rights

5. Dignity rights : courts, constitutions, and the worth of the human person

6. Emerging pathogens at the poles : disease and international trade law

7. Enforcement of investment treaty arbitration awards

8. The Frontier Complex

9. Human rights in eastern civilisations : some reflections of a former UN special rapporteur

10. Ideology and international institutions

11. Indigenous land rights in the Inter-American system

12. International arbitration and EU law

13. Investments in conflict zones : the role of international investment law in armed conflicts, disputed territories, and ‘frozen’ conflicts

14. Judge Pinto de Albuquerque and the progressive development of international human rights law

15. Legality matters : crimes against humanity and the problems and promise of the prohibition on other inhumane acts

16. Linguistic justice at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

17. Marine biodiversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction

18. Mass atrocities in Africa and transitional justice

19. The Paris agreement on climate change : a commentary

20. Post-Conflict Memorialization : Missing Memorials, Absent Bodies

21. Public participation and foreign investment law : from the creation of rights and obligations to the settlement of disputes

22. Sur les chemins d'un jus commune universalisable

23. Towards a more accountable United Nations Security Council

24. Union européenne et protection des investissements

25. Urgency and human rights : the protective potential and legitimacy of interim measures

26. Violent non-state actors in modern conflict

27. WTO law and trade policy reform for low-carbon technolooy diffusion : common concern of humankind, carbon pricing, and export credit support

28. The aesthetics of international law

29. Les dynamiques du contentieux climatique : usages et mobilisations du droit

30. The humanitarian fix : navigating civilian protection in contemporary wars

31. Les nouvelles formes de criminalité internationale : dialogue entre pénalistes et internationalistes

32. The uses and abuses of weaponized interdependence

33. L'utilisation du droit international humanitaire par les organes chargés de la protection des droits de l'homme

34. African basin management organizations : contribution to pollution prevention of transboundary water resources

35. Arbitration and protection of investments in energy and infrastructure sectors

36. Chinese policy and presence in the Arctic

37. Coordinating public and private sustainability : green energy policy, international trade law, and economic mechanisms

38. De la legitima defensa en el ciberespacio

39. El Derecho A La Vida : Nuevos retos jurídicos para su disfrute con dignidad y sostenibilidad en tiem

40. Derecho internacional de la democracia

41. Derechos humanos e historia : nuevos retos, nuevos métodos

42. Desplazamiento ambiental y derecho internacional : consideraciones en torno a la necesidad de un marco regulatorio no exclusivo

43. Due diligence in the international legal order

44. Empresas transnacionales y graves violaciones de Derechos Humanos en América Latina

45. Encampés, de quel(s) droit(s) ?

46. Iles et droit international : journée d'études de Paris

47. Integrity in international justice

48. International organisations, non-state actors, and the formation of customary international law

49. Ombuds institutions, good governance and the international human rights system

50. Pensée critique et pratique du droit international

51. Research handbook on polar law

52. Scienza, diritto e giustizia internazionale

53. Sustainability and the rights of nature in practice

54. Terrorismusbekämpfung durch Individualfinanzsanktionen des Sicherheitsrates : Rechtmäßigkeit und Rechtsschutz im Völker- und Europarecht

55. Trapped in a religious marriage : a human rights perspective on the phenomenon of marital captivity

56. Universal civil jurisdiction : which way forward?

57. La ciberseguridad a la luz del Jus ad bellum y del Jus in bello

58. The internally displaced person in international law

59. The international Criminal Court contemporary challenges and reform

60. The international legal protection of environmental refugees : a human rights-based, security and state responsability approach

61. The judicial committee of the privy council and the caribbean court of justice : navigating independence and changing political environments

62. The law of interactions between international organizations

63. The nationality of corporate investors under international investment law

64. A post-WTO international legal order : utopian, dystopian and other scenarios

65. The regulation of product standards in world trade law

66. Adapting watercourse agreements to developments in international law : the case of the Itaipu treaty

67. International law and the far right : reflections on law and cynicism

68. International law in the long nineteenth century (1776-1914) : from the public law of Europe to global international law?

69. Lawfare and the Ovaherero and Nama pursuit of restorative Justice, 1918–2018

70. Sustainability and the rights of nature : an introduction

71. L'analyse critique de l'effectivité du droit OHADA du recouvrement des créances

72. The rule of law in developing countries : the case of Bangladesh

73. Toward the understanding and prevention of genocide : proceedings of the international conference on the holocaust and genocide

74. The impact of the European Convention on Human Rights on russian law : legislation and application in 1996-2006

75. Crimes of the holocaust : the law confronts hard cases

76. Au mépris des peuples : le néocolonialisme franco-africain

77. Noir silence : qui arrêtera la Françafrique ?

78. Complicité de génocide ? : la Politique de la France au Rwanda

79. International law