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1. Advanced introduction to empirical legal research

2. African peace : regional norms from the organization of African Unity to the African Union

3. Biolaw and international criminal law : towards interdisciplinary synergies

4. Chinese State Owned Enterprises and EU Merger Control

5. Commercial enforcement

6. Courts in evolving societies : sino-european dialogue between judges and academics

7. Crime prevention and justice in 2030 : the UN and the universal declaration of human rights

8. Criminal procedure

9. Data access, consumer interests and public welfare

10. Dignity rights : courts, constitutions, and the worth of the human person

11. Emerging pathogens at the poles : disease and international trade law

12. European contract law

13. Forced marriage law and practice

14. The Frontier Complex

15. Human Trafficking under International and Tanzanian Law

16. Human rights in Turkey : assaults on human dignity

17. Human rights in eastern civilisations : some reflections of a former UN special rapporteur

18. Ideology and international institutions

19. Indigenous land rights in the Inter-American system

20. International arbitration and EU law

21. Investments in conflict zones : the role of international investment law in armed conflicts, disputed territories, and ‘frozen’ conflicts

22. Japan, the European Union and global governance

23. Judge Pinto de Albuquerque and the progressive development of international human rights law

24. Judging and emotion : a socio-legal analysis

25. Jurisprudence : classical and contemporary : from natural law to postmodernism

26. Law of the European Union : a textbook

27. Legality matters : crimes against humanity and the problems and promise of the prohibition on other inhumane acts

28. Linguistic justice at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

29. Marine biodiversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction

30. Mass atrocities in Africa and transitional justice

31. Non-judicial remedies and EU administration : protection of rights versus preservation of autonomy

32. The Paris agreement on climate change : a commentary

33. Post-Conflict Memorialization : Missing Memorials, Absent Bodies

34. Powers of the prosecutor in criminal investigation : a comparative perspective

35. Problem-solving courts, criminal justice, and the international gold standard : reframing the English and Welsh drug courts

36. Public participation and foreign investment law : from the creation of rights and obligations to the settlement of disputes

37. Regulating artificial intelligence : binary ethics and the law

38. Research handbook on human rights and poverty

39. Research handbook on modern legal realism

40. States of exception : law, history, theory

41. Supreme courts under pressure : controlling caseload in the administration of civil justice

42. Towards a more accountable United Nations Security Council

43. Turpin and Tomkins' british government and the constitution : text and materials

44. Urgency and human rights : the protective potential and legitimacy of interim measures

45. Use of the UNIDROIT principles to interpret and supplement domestic contract law

46. Violent non-state actors in modern conflict

47. WTO law and trade policy reform for low-carbon technolooy diffusion : common concern of humankind, carbon pricing, and export credit support

48. Women in European Academies : From Patronae Scientiarum to Path-Breakers

49. World politics, human rights, and international law

50. The aesthetics of international law

51. An economic analysis of public law : demos and agora

52. The humanitarian fix : navigating civilian protection in contemporary wars

53. The internal law of religions : introduction to a comparative discipline

54. The lawyer’s style guide : a student and practitioner guide

55. The neoliberal republic : corporate lawyers, statecraft and the making of public-private France

56. The unwritten brazilian constitution : human rights in the supremo tribunal federal

57. The uses and abuses of weaponized interdependence

58. African basin management organizations : contribution to pollution prevention of transboundary water resources

59. Alternative Dispute Resolution

60. Arbitration and protection of investments in energy and infrastructure sectors

61. Arbitration law and practice in Central and Eastern Europe

62. Caribbean essays on law and policy

63. Chinese policy and presence in the Arctic

64. Civil orocedure in Ecuador

65. Competition and regulation in the data economy : does artificial intelligence demand a new balance?

66. Coordinating public and private sustainability : green energy policy, international trade law, and economic mechanisms

67. Court assistance in the taking of evidence in international arbitration

68. Courts, jurisdictions, and law in John Milton and his contemporaries

69. Creating a drama-free workplace : the insider's guide to managing conflict, incivility & mistrust

70. Creditor treatment in corporate insolvency law

71. Defences in equity

72. Due diligence in the international legal order

73. EU-Turkey association in the case-law of Court of Justice

74. Emergency powers in a time of pandemic

75. Environmental adjudication

76. Explaining why you lost : reasoning in arbitration

77. Foreign takeover bids in China and the Netherlands : a comparative study of its legislative design

78. French competition law

79. Fundamentals of pretrial litigation

80. Integrity in international justice

81. International organisations, non-state actors, and the formation of customary international law

82. Investigation and prosecution in Scandinavia of international crimes

83. Jurisprudence : Text and Readings on the Philosophy of Law

84. Law and imagination in troubled times : a legal and literary discourse

85. Legal tech and the new sharing economy

86. Legal writing : a judge's perspective on the science and rhetoric of the written word

87. Legislation in Europe : a country by country guide

88. Mélanges en l'honneur de Michel Vivant : penser le droit de la pensée

89. Natural law jurisprudence in U.S. Supreme Court cases since Roe v. Wade

90. Ombuds institutions, good governance and the international human rights system

91. Private enforcement of european competition and state aid law : current challenges dans the way forward

92. Prospectus Regulation and Prospectus Liability

93. Public services in EU trade and investment agreements

94. Research handbook on polar law

95. Sustainability and the rights of nature in practice

96. Transformative law and public policy

97. Trapped in a religious marriage : a human rights perspective on the phenomenon of marital captivity

98. Universal civil jurisdiction : which way forward?

99. What market, what society, what union? : the Treaty of Amsterdam and the european thought of Francisco Lucas Pires

100. The concept of ordered liberty and the common-law due-process tradition : slaughterhouse cases through Obergefell v. Hodges