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76. Turpin and Tomkins' british government and the constitution : text and materials

77. Umweltgerechtigkeit durch Planfeststellungsverfahren : der Entwurf einer Anwendungsethik für das abfallrechtliche Planfeststellungsverfahren auf Grundlage von Robert Alexys Diskurstheorie des Rechts

78. Union européenne et protection des investissements

79. Urgency and human rights : the protective potential and legitimacy of interim measures

80. Use of the UNIDROIT principles to interpret and supplement domestic contract law

81. Verbraucherstreitbeilegung und Verbraucherschutz. : die Rolle des Rechts in der Verbraucherschlichtung nach dem VSBG

82. Violent non-state actors in modern conflict

83. WTO law and trade policy reform for low-carbon technolooy diffusion : common concern of humankind, carbon pricing, and export credit support

84. Women in European Academies : From Patronae Scientiarum to Path-Breakers

85. World politics, human rights, and international law

86. Zivilprozessordnung : FamFG, Verfahren in Familiensachen, EGZPO, GVG, EGGVG, EU-Zivilverfahrensrecht : Kommentar

87. L'accès transnational aux données bancaires

88. The aesthetics of international law

89. Les classifications en droit administratif

90. Il contenzioso familiare tra Italia e Stati extra-europei : giurisdizione, legge applicabile ed esecuzione delle decisioni straniere : procedimenti familiari con il Regno Unito dopo la Brexit ; divorzio, responsabilità genitoriale e alimenti nelle Convenzioni dell'Aja ; strumenti applicabili nei conflitti extr-UE ; sottrazione internazionale di Minori: provvedimenti e misure adottabili ; matrimoni same-sex e unioni civili

91. Il danno non patrimoniale dal torto al contratto

92. Les dynamiques du contentieux climatique : usages et mobilisations du droit

93. An economic analysis of public law : demos and agora

94. Das forum necessitatis im europäischen Zuständigkeitsrecht

95. The humanitarian fix : navigating civilian protection in contemporary wars

96. The internal law of religions : introduction to a comparative discipline

97. The lawyer’s style guide : a student and practitioner guide

98. The neoliberal republic : corporate lawyers, statecraft and the making of public-private France

99. Les nouvelles formes de criminalité internationale : dialogue entre pénalistes et internationalistes

100. The politics of adoption. : international perspectives on law, policy and practice