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1. Adapting watercourse agreements to developments in international law : the case of the Itaipu treaty

2. Echi di fine millennio : il ritorno del diritto internazionale europeo

3. Governance of Financial Institutions

4. International law and the far right : reflections on law and cynicism

5. International law in the long nineteenth century (1776-1914) : from the public law of Europe to global international law?

6. Justice in transactions: A Theory of Contract Law. : a theory of contract law

7. Law and macroeconomics : legal remedies to recessions

8. Lawfare and the Ovaherero and Nama pursuit of restorative Justice, 1918–2018

9. Prisoners of politics : breaking the cycle of mass incarceration

10. Rechtssicherheit. Perspektivische Annäherungen an eine 'idée directrice' des Rechts

11. Regulating the collaborative economy in the European Union digital single market

12. A Responsabilidade Probatória das Partes no Atual Modelo Processual

13. Scritti per il novantesimo compleanno di Matteo Marrone

14. Sociologia do direito : uma abordagem sociopolítica

15. Sustainability and the rights of nature : an introduction

16. United States v. Apple : competition in America

17. L'analyse critique de l'effectivité du droit OHADA du recouvrement des créances

18. The antitrust paradigm : restoring a competitive economy

19. The coherence of statutory interpretation

20. A história do Estado Lunda-Tchokwé na África Austral e a jurisprudência penal do Tribunal Supremo da Répública de Angola sobre a sua descolonização ao domínio do MPLA : processo n. 71-2011 de 15 de Março "Direito de sucessão legal do Estado"

21. The juridification of individual sanctions and the politics of EU law

22. The narrow corridor : states, societies, and the fate of liberty

23. Un patrimoine vivant, entre nature et culture : liber amicorum en l'honneur de Jérôme Fromageau

24. The rule of law in developing countries : the case of Bangladesh

25. Index de la sécurité juridique (ISJ) = the index of legal certainty (ILC)