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1. Analyser et traduire les concepts juridiques dans leurs cultures en Europe

2. Aux origines des systèmes juridiques modernes

3. Bilingual study and research |b the need and the challenges

4. Carl Schmitt’s European Jurisprudence

5. Cheminements philosophiques dans le monde du droit et des règles en général

6. Codes of ethics and ethical guidelines : emerging technologies, changing fields

7. Collective Action, Philosophy and Law

8. Comparative Law

9. Conscientious objection : dissent and democracy in a common law context

10. Constitutional imaginaries : a theory of european societal constitutionalism

11. Contemporary Politics and Social Movements in an Isolated World : Emerging Research and Opportunities

12. Crypto-finance, law and regulation : governing an emerging ecosystem

13. Cryptocurrencies and the regulatory challenge

14. Cryptocurrency and digital asset regulation : a practical guide for multinational counsel

15. Data governance in AI, FinTech and LegalTech : law and regulation in the financial sector

16. Deleuze's philosophy of law

17. Derechos fundamentales e interdisciplinariedad : perspectivas desde el nuevo ordenamiento jurídico imperante

18. Dictionary of Law

19. Dictionnaire des juristes : colonies et outre-mer (XVIIIe-XXe siècle).

20. Digital finance in Europe : law, regulation, and governance

21. Domestic legal pluralism and the international criminal court : th case of Shari'a law in Nigeria

22. Empire, humanism and rights : collected essays on Francisco de Vitoria

23. Entre art et technique : les dynamiques du droit : mélanges en l'honneur de Pierre Sirinelli

24. Europäische Wirtschafts- und Währungsunion : 9

25. Europäischer Grundrechteschutz : 2