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1. Erfolgreich recherchieren : jura

2. Fachwörterbuch Recht, Wirtschaft und Politik = Dictionary od law, commerce and politics. Band 2. Deutsch-English

3. Profesor Marek Safjan znany i nieznany : Księga jubileuszowa z okazji siedemdziesiątych urodzin /.

4. Private law, nudging and behavioural economic analysis : the mandated-choice model

5. Recht als Wissenschaft : Geschichte der juristischen Methodenlehre in der Neuzeit (1500-1990)

6. The value of the oath

7. Parler en public : principes et méthode

8. Natural law jurisprudence in U.S. Supreme Court cases since Roe v. Wade

9. Fundamentals of neuroscience and the law : square peg, round hole

10. Droit, humanité et environnement : mélanges Stéphane Doumbé-Billé

11. The faces of virtue in law

12. Big data, databases and "ownership" rights in the cloud

13. The lived experience of hate crime : towards a phenomenological approach

14. L'art de la parole

15. La blockchain

16. Approche culturelle des savoirs juridiques

17. Algorithms, blockchain & cryptocurrency : implications for the future of the workplace

18. Juristische Methodenlehre

19. Leaving the arena : a story of bar and bench

20. Imperatives for legal education research : then, now and tomorrow

21. Law and economics as interdisciplinary exchange : philosophical, methodological and historical perspectives

22. "Rechtsräume" : historische und archäologische Annäherungen

23. Mélanges en l'honneur du Professeur Dominique Rousseau : constitution, justice, démocratie

24. Finances in international arbitration : Liber Amicorum Patricia Shaughnessy

25. Liber Amicorum Samir Saleh : reflections on dispute resolution with particular emphasis on the Arab world

26. The formation of professional identity : the path from student to lawyer

27. Rethinking Holocaust justice : essays across disciplines

28. Uber―brave new service or unfair competition : legal analysis of the nature of Uber services

29. Building equitable access to knowledge through open access repositories

30. Legal research explained

31. Law and the passions : why emotion matters for justice

32. Fachwörterbuch Recht, Wirtschaft und Politik = Dictionnaire juridique, économique et politique. Band 2. Deutsch-Französisch

33. The no-nonsense guide to research support and scholarly communication

34. A-Z common reference questions for academic librarians

35. Embracing vulnerability : the implications and challenges for law

36. Praxishandbuch Recht für Bibliotheken und Informationseinrichtungen

37. Volk als Konzept in Recht und Politik

38. Unveräußerliche Rechte

39. The philosophy of legal change : theoretical perspectives and practical processes

40. Law and consent : contesting the common sense

41. Towards a theatrical jurisprudence

42. Reimagining the state : theoretical challenges and transformative possibilities

43. Law's sacrifice : approaching the problem of sacrifice in law, literature, and philosophy

44. The concept of liberal democratic law

45. Legal methods

46. Social construction of law : potential and limits

47. Recueil des cours : volume 411 (2020).

48. Resolving the crisis in research by changing the game : an ecosystem and a sharing philosophy

49. Les limites du marché = the limits of the market : la marchandisation de la nature et du corps = commodification of nature and body

50. Law in the first person plural : roots, concepts, topics