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1. Die "Neuordner" Europas beim Wiener Kongress 1814-1815

2. L'argomentazione giuridica nell'età dell' incertezza

3. Islamic law practice and procedure in Nigerian courts

4. Abécédaire de droit de l'Union européenne : en l'honneur de Catherine Flaesch-Mougin

5. Achieving regulatory excellence

6. Radical arab nationalism and political Islam

7. A guide to ethics and moral philosophy

8. Advances in endogenous money analysis

9. After Piketty : the agenda for economics and inequality

10. Agamben and radical politics

11. The criterion for distinguishing legal opinions from judicial rulings and the administrative acts of judges and rulers

12. Friendship

13. Albertus Magnus und der Ursprung der Universitätsidee : die Begegnung der Wissenschaftskulturen im 13. Jahrhundert und die Entdeckung des Konzepts der Bildung durch Wissenschaft

14. Lobbying for change : find your voice to create a better society

15. Klassifikationen in Bibliotheken : Theorie, Anwendung, Nutzen

16. Right to democracy in international law : between procedure, substance and the philosophy of John Rawls

17. Enchantment of Plato, or the ghost of universality

18. The silence of god, or the ghost of the common good?

19. A grammar of constitutionalism

20. Manifest reality : Kant's idealism and his realism

21. Giuristi e interpretazioni : il ruolo del diritto nella società postmoderna

22. System und Systemkritik : Hegels Metaphysik absoluter Negativität und Jacobis Sprung

23. Cultural diplomacy : waging war by other means

24. European Unification into the twenty first century : footprints of the twentieth century

25. Footprints of the 20th Century

26. Neither justice nor order : reflections on the state of the law of nations

27. Western cooperation : origins and history

28. The illusions of detente

29. Structural crisis and institutional change in modern capitalism : French capitalism in transition

30. Éléments d'histoire du droit international privé

31. Virtue and law in Plato and beyond

32. Arab politics beyond the uprisings : experiments in an era of resurgent authoritarianism

33. Izzivi prava v življenjski resničnosti : liber amicorum Marko Ilešič = Challenges of law in life reality

34. Arabic humanities, Islamic thought : essays in honor of Everett K. Rowson

35. Arendt and law

36. Civil wars : a history in ideas

37. Art and the politics of visibility : contesting the global, local and the in-between

38. Aspects juridiques de l'économie collaborative

39. The idea of the Muslim world : a global intellectual history

40. Nomofanie : esercizi di filosofia del diritto

41. B/Orders unbound : marginality, ethnicity and identity in literatures

42. Trajectories of neoliberal transformation : European industrial relations since the 1970s

43. The mark of theory : inscriptive figures, poststructuralist prehistories

44. Badiou and the state

45. Rechtssoziologie : eine Einführung in die interdisziplinäre Rechtsforschung

46. Balibar and the citizen subject

47. The philosophy of Marx

48. Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten : Ethik, Inhalt & Form wiss. Arbeiten, Handwerkszeug, Quellen, Projektmanagement, Präsentation

49. Band II. Serbien, Bosnien-Herzegowina, Albanien

50. Re-inventing the book : challenges from the past for the publishing industry

51. Derrida's secret : perjury, testimony, oath

52. Mesurer le pluralisme juridique : une expérience

53. Le droit postmoderne : une introduction

54. La jurisprudence et la doctrine

55. Le pragmatisme juridique

56. Les théories dogmatiques du droit et la fragilité du pluralisme juridique

57. Intentionalität und Bewusstsein in der frühen Neuzeit : die Philosophie des Geistes von René Descartes und Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

58. Whitehead's metaphysics of power : reconstructing modern philosophy

59. Udire e provare : il testimone de auditu alieno nel processo di diritto comune

60. Tutela giurisdizionale dei diritti e metodo comparato : esperienze dagli antipodi

61. The crisis of method in contemporary analytic philosophy

63. Beck'sches Formularbuch für die Rechtsabteilung

64. The Genesis of Neo-Kantianism, 1796-1880

65. Reordering the world : essays on liberalism and empire

66. The human predicament : a candid guide to life's biggest questions

67. Nowwherelands : an atlas of vanished countries 1840-1975

68. Operating law in a global context : comparing, combining and prioritizing

69. The bilingual courtroom : court interpreters in the judicial process

70. Le teorie critiche del diritto

71. Elgar introduction to organizational discourse analysis

72. Crisis and the failure of economic theory : the responsibility of economists for the great recession

73. Die juristische Doktorarbeit : Ein Ratgeber für das gesamte Promotionsverfahren

74. Beyond mentoring : a guide for librarians and information professionals

75. Minds without fear : philosophy in the Indian renaissance

76. Human living : a way of dignity

77. Big Data : Ende des Datenschutzes? : Gedächtnisschrift für Martin Usteri

78. Biography, historiography, and modes of philosophizing : the tradition of collective biography in early modern Europe

79. A research agenda for neoliberalism

80. A sea of debt : law and economic life in the western Indian Ocean, 1780-1950

81. A mosaic of indigenous legal thought : legendary tales and other writings

82. War by other means : geoeconomics and statecraft

83. Les bases philosophiques du positivisme juridique de H.L.A. Hart

84. Geschichten im Recht : Übertragbarkeit von "Law as Narrative" auf die deutsche Rechtsordnung

85. Locke e il diritto naturale

86. Teoria generale del diritto

87. Legal writing in context

88. Fintech et droit : quelle régulation pour les nouveaux entrants du secteur bancaire et financier ?

89. Botero : the reason of state

90. Global urban politics

91. Les systèmes d'échanges locaux : contribution à l'étude juridique de l'économie collaborative

92. The political thought of Vaclav Havel

93. Brennpunkt Familienrecht : Festschrift für Thomas Geiser zum 65. Geburtstag

94. Formas de Estado, sentimiento constitucional y soberanía

95. Legal conversation as signifier

96. Critical theory : a very short introduction

97. Revolutionary Yiddishland : a history of Jewish radicalism

98. Economics in legal decision-making

99. Aquinas's ontology of the material world : change, hylomorphism, and material objects

100. Critical social theory