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1. Research handbook on private law theory

2. Blockchains, smart contracts, decentralised autonomous organisations and the law

3. Fintech : law and regulation

4. Research handbook on feminist jurisprudence

5. Rethinking law and language : the flagship 'speech'

6. A research agenda for service innovation

7. Economic approaches to legal reasoning and interpretation

8. Financial models and society : villains or scapegoats?

9. Handbook of research on economic and social well-being

10. Handbook on the international political economy of gender

11. How far to nudge? : assessing behavioural public policy

12. Human rights and Islam : an introduction to key debates between Islamic law and international human rights law

13. Law and development / : an institutional critique

14. Leadership and sexuality : power, principles and processes

15. Legal theory and the media of law

16. Outsourcing the law : a philosophical perspective on regulation

17. Research handbook on legal pluralism and EU law

18. Teaching the history of economic thought : integrating historical perspectives into modern economics

19. The economics of open access : on the future of academic publishing

20. A new model of socialism : democratising economic production

21. The politics and policy of wellbeing : understanding the rise and significance of a new agenda

22. A world history of political thought

23. Advances in endogenous money analysis

24. Comparative law methodology

25. Creative destruction and the sharing economy : Uber as disruptive innovation