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1. Absentees : On Variously Missing Persons

2. Advanced introduction to empirical legal research

3. Blockchain e autonomia privata : fondamenti giuridici

4. Briefs and beyond : persuasive legal writing

5. Cinematic perspectives on international law

6. Debating the law, creating gender : sharia and lawmaking in Palestine, 2012-2018

7. Dictionnaire de l’actualité internationale

8. Effective legal writing : a guide for students and practitioners

9. Encyclopedia of law and development

10. Enzyklopädie Europarecht (EnzEuR)

11. Erinnerungen an Unrecht : arabisch-deutsche Perspektiven

12. Europäischer Freizügigkeitsraum – Unionsbürgerschaft und Migrationsrecht : 10

13. Europäisches Arbeits- und Sozialrecht : 7

14. Europäisches Binnenmarkt- und Wirtschaftsordnungsrecht : 4

15. Europäisches Rechtsschutz- und Verfahrensrecht : 3

16. Europäisches Strafrecht : 11

17. Europäisches sektorales Wirtschaftsrecht : 5

18. Facts and evidence : a dialogue between philosophy and law

19. Forschungsdatenmanagement und Recht : Datenschutz-, Urheber- und Vertragsrecht

20. Foundations of human dignity

21. Francisco de Vitoria and the evolution of international law : justifying injustice

22. Handlexikon der Europäischen Union

23. Hardback research handbook on modern legal realism

24. Jurisprudence : classical and contemporary : from natural law to postmodernism

25. Juristische Methodenlehre

26. Legal drafting in a Nutshell

27. Legal reasoning and legal writing

28. Luhmann and socio-legal research : an empirical agenda for social systems theory

29. Mélanges en l'honneur de Michel et Jean-Patrice Storck : liber amicorum

30. Mélanges en l'honneur de Pascal Ancel

31. Nature et souveraineté

32. La Nostalgia por el Orden

33. Obligations : new trajectories in law

34. Procedural justice and relational theory : empirical, philosophical, and legal perspectives

35. Public speaking for criminal justice professionals : a manner of speaking

36. Recht und Sprache in der Praxis : Anwendungsgebiete und Übungsbeispiele, und ob es trotzdem wer versteht? : Anwendungsgebiete und Übungsbeispiele

37. Recueil des cours : volume 410 (2020).

38. Recueil des cours : volume 413 (2021).

39. Research handbook on law and emotion

40. Rhetorik für Juristen

41. Socialism and legal history : the histories and historians of law in socialist East Central Europe

42. Vielfalt des Rechts : Festschrift für Ludwig Gramlich zum 70. Geburtstag

43. Women in European Academies : From Patronae Scientiarum to Path-Breakers

44. Wortgebunden : zur Verbindlichkeit von Versprechen in Recht und Literatur

45. A dialogue between law and history : proceedings of the second international conference on facts and evidence

46. An economic analysis of public law : demos and agora

47. The inherence of human dignity

48. The internal law of religions : introduction to a comparative discipline

49. The language of argumentation

50. The lawyer’s style guide : a student and practitioner guide

51. The representational theory of capital : property rights and the reification of capital

52. A world history of war crimes : from antiquity to the present

53. 25 Años De Jurisprudencia Aragonesa

54. A-Z common reference questions for academic librarians

55. Actes du congrès de Paris de 1900 : théorie générale, méthode et enseignement du droit comparé

56. Activity report : 19-20

57. Advanced introduction to legal research methods

58. Africa (Sub-Saharan)

59. Algorithms, blockchain & cryptocurrency : implications for the future of the workplace

60. Approche culturelle des savoirs juridiques

61. Artificial intelligence and judicial modernization

62. Authorities in early modern courts in Europe

63. Biased trials : insights from behavioral law and economics

64. Bibliography on ICTR, ICTY and IRMCT 2020 = Bibliographie sur le TPIR, TPIY et MIFRTP

65. Big data, databases and "ownership" rights in the cloud

66. Der Bildungswert des römischen Zivilprozesses für die heutigen Juristen

67. Blockchain-basiertes virtuelles Geld

68. The Bluebook : a uniform system of citation

69. Building equitable access to knowledge through open access repositories

70. The Cambridge companion to the philosophy of law

71. Changing face of information : support services for scientific research

72. Cloud computing in libraries : concepts, tools and practical approaches

73. Comparative law : mixes, movements, and metaphors

74. Comparazione e diritto privato nella tradizione giuridica occidentale

75. Concise guide to legal research and writing

76. Conservation research in libraries

77. Courts, jurisdictions, and law in John Milton and his contemporaries

78. Creating a drama-free workplace : the insider's guide to managing conflict, incivility & mistrust

79. Criminal law and morality in the age of consent : interdisciplinary perspectives

80. Cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets : regulatory and legal issues

81. Department 'Law & Anthropology', Max Planck Fellow Group ‘Environmental Rights in Cultural Context’; Emmy Noether Research Group ‘The Bureaucratization of Islam’

82. Department 'Resilience and Transformation in Eurasia'. Max Planck Fellow Group 'Connectivity in Motion'

83. Department Integration and Conflict. Max Planck Research School on Retaliation, Mediation and Punishment (IMPRS REMEP)

84. Derecho de la Unión Europea e Integración Regional : Liber Amicorum al Prof. Dr. Carlos Francisco Molina del Pozo

85. Derecho procesal civil romano : volumen II, las cognitiones extra ordinem clásicas [...]

86. Devoirs, promesses et obligations : actes des Journées internationales de la Société d'histoire (2 au 4 juin 2016)

87. Dictionnaire du vocabulaire juridique 2021

88. Dictionnaire juridique

89. Digital assets and blockchain technology : US law and regulation

90. Digitale Disruption und Recht : Workshop zu Ehren des 80. Geburtstags von Wolfgang Hoffmann-Riem

91. Dizionario Legal tech

92. Dogmática Jurídica : La elaboración científica del Derecho

93. Droit des crypto-actifs et de la blockchain

94. Droit, humanité et environnement : mélanges Stéphane Doumbé-Billé

95. Duden – Die deutsche Rechtschreibung. : auf der Grundlage der aktuellen amtlichen Rechtschreibregeln

96. Ecrits de droit public, financier et constitutionnel : mélanges en l'honneur de Michel Lascombe

97. Einführung in die anglo-amerikanische Rechtssprache = Introduction to Anglo-American law & language

98. Embracing vulnerability : the implications and challenges for law

99. Emmy Noether Research Group ‘Peripheral Debt. Max Planck Research Group ‘Alpine Histories of Global Change’. Max Planck Research Group ‘How ‘Terrorists’ Learn’

100. Empire and legal thought : ideas and institutions from antiquity to modernity