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1. Analysis of legal argumentation documents : a computational argumentation approach

2. Bad business practice : criminal law, regulation and the reconfiguration of the business model

3. Beyond law and development : resistance, empowerment and social injustice

4. Bilingual study and research |b the need and the challenges

5. Codes of ethics and ethical guidelines : emerging technologies, changing fields

6. Collective Action, Philosophy and Law

7. Comparative Law

8. Constitutional imaginaries : a theory of european societal constitutionalism

9. Contemporary Politics and Social Movements in an Isolated World : Emerging Research and Opportunities

10. Critique of digitality

11. Crypto-finance, law and regulation : governing an emerging ecosystem

12. Cryptocurrencies and the regulatory challenge

13. Cryptocurrency and digital asset regulation : a practical guide for multinational counsel

14. Data governance in AI, FinTech and LegalTech : law and regulation in the financial sector

15. Deleuze's philosophy of law

16. Dictionary of Law

17. Digital finance in Europe : law, regulation, and governance

18. Domestic legal pluralism and the international criminal court : th case of Shari'a law in Nigeria

19. Empire, humanism and rights : collected essays on Francisco de Vitoria

20. Ethics and military practice

21. Etudes en l'honneur du professeur Iacyr de Aguilar Vieira

22. Faith, force, and reason : an armchair history of the rule of law

23. Financial technology and the law : combating financial crime

24. From lying to perjury : linguistic and legal perspectives on les and other falsehoods

25. Imagining unequals, imagining equals : concepts of equality in history and law

26. Interdisciplinarities : Research Process, Method, and the Body of Law

27. Interdisciplinary comparative law : rubbing shoulders with the neighbours or standing alone in a crowd

28. Islamic law in the Indian Ocean world : texts, ideas and practices

29. Islamic state as a legal order : to have no law but islam, between shari'a and globalization

30. Iurium itinera : historische Rechtsvergleichung und vergleichende Rechtsgeschichte : historical comparative law and comparative legal history : Reinhard Zimmermann zum 70. Geburtstag am 10. Oktober 2022

31. Just writing : grammar, punctuation, and style for the legal writer

32. Law and development : theory and practice

33. Law and justice : Thomas Bingham, Nicholas Phillips and Eleanor Sharpston

34. Law dissertations : a step-by-step guide

35. Law, language and the courtroom legal linguistics and the discourse of judges : legal linguistics and the discourse of judges

36. Law, relationality and the ethical life : Agamben and Levinas

37. Learning legal skills and reasoning

38. Legal method and writing

39. Memories

40. Modern jurisprudence : a philosophical guide

41. Natural law and thomistic juridical realism : prospects for a dialogue with contemporary legal theory

42. Navigating and managing an academic library : best practices from the Arabian Gulf region

43. New developments in legal reasoning and logic : from ancient law to modern legal systems

44. Perspectives on cooperative law : Festschrift In Honour of Professor Hagen Henrÿ

45. Posthuman legal subjectivity : reimagining the human in the anthropocene

46. Pragmatism, principle, and power in common law constitutional systems : essays in honour of Bruce Harris

47. Raising the Bar : a lawyer's memoir

48. Recueil des cours : volume 423 (2022).

49. Recueil des cours : volume 424 (2022).

50. Regulating data monopolies : a law and economics perspective

51. Regulation of innovative technologies : blockchain, artificial intelligence and quantum computing

52. Regulatory aspects of artificial intelligence on blockchain

53. Research handbook on law and literature

54. Rethinking copyright for sustainable human development : higher education and access to knowledge

55. Sharia law in the twenty-first century

56. Smart legal contracts : computable law in theory and practice

57. Sociology of law : a study of cultural contextualism

58. State theory and the law : an introduction

59. Sustainable business strategy : analysis, choice and implementation

60. Taxis vs. Uber : courts, markets, and technology in Buenos Aires

61. The limitations of the law of armed conflicts : new means and methods of warfare : essays in memory of Rosario Domínguez Matés

62. The artifactual nature of aw

63. A brief history of economic thought : from the mercantilist to the post-keynesians

64. The development of political institutions : power, legitimacy, democracy

65. A dialogical framework for legal reasoning : the ratio legis and precedent case models

66. The economic analysis of civil law

67. A geo-legal approach to the english sharia courts : cases and conflicts

68. The law of crypto assets : a handbook

69. A new introduction to legal method

70. The politics of european legal research : behind the method

71. The proof : uses of evidence in law, politics, and everything else

72. The workings of human rights, law and justice : a journey from Nepal to nobel nominee

73. Absentees : On Variously Missing Persons

74. Academic freedom under pressure? : a comparative perspective

75. Access and control in digital humanities

76. Accompli : Liber amicorum prof. MR. DR. M.E. Koppenol-Laforce

77. Advanced Introduction to Comparative Legal Methods

78. Advanced introduction to empirical legal research

79. Advanced introduction to law and development

80. Advanced introduction to legal reasoning

81. Advancing the legal status of women in islamic law

82. Atlas of AI : power, politics, and the planetary costs of artificial intelligence

83. Axiological pluralism : jurisdiction, law-making and pluralisms

84. Blockchain + antitrust: the decentralization formula

85. Blockchain and public law : global challenges in the era of decentralisation

86. Blockchain, law and governance

87. Briefs and beyond : persuasive legal writing

88. Building a culture of lawfulness : an interdisciplinary approach to the rule of law

89. Building the European Union : the jurist's view of the Union's evolution : [Liber amicorum in honour of José Luis da Cruz Vilaça]

90. Cinematic perspectives on international law

91. Compact copyright : quick answers to common questions

92. Comparative methods in law, humanities and social sciences

93. Conceptual jurisprudence : methodological issues, classical questions and new approaches

94. Debating the law, creating gender : sharia and lawmaking in Palestine, 2012-2018

95. Democracy and globalization : legal and political analysis on the Eve of the 4th industrial revolution

96. The Dialectical Path of Law

97. Dictatorship : new trajectories in law

98. Digital transformation and ethics : ethical considerations on the robotization and automation of society and the economy and the use of artificial intelligence

99. Dogmatik als Fundament für Forschung und Lehre : Festschrift für Herbert Roth zum 70. Geburtstag

100. Droit des successions = Succession law : Français-anglais et anglais-français = French-english and english-french