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1. Artifical intelligence and the law

2. Freedom of environmental information : aspirations and practice

3. Shareholder Activism in Belgium : boon or curse for sustainable value creation?

4. Transitional justice in Brazil : walking the tightrope

5. Artificial intelligence and the law

6. The impact of technology and innovation on the wellbeing of the legal profession

7. Andrews on civil processes : court proceedings, arbitration & mediation

8. Financiële regulering : een dwarsdoorsnede

9. Judicial review and the strategic behaviour : an empirical case law analysis of the belgian constitutional court

10. Openbare orde : liber amicis

11. The criminal justice system of the Netherlands : organization, substantive criminal law, criminal procedure and sanctions

12. Judicial law-making in English and German courts : techniques and limits of statutory interpretation

13. Private law development in context : german private law and scholarship in the 20th century

14. The limits of criminal law : Anglo-German concepts and principles

15. Mystery shopping

16. The UK after brexit : legal and policy challenges

17. Contract rules : decoding english law

18. Legal certainty in real estate transactions : a comparison of England and France

19. Punitive damages in private international law : lessons for the European Union

20. The french contract law reform : a Source of Inspiration?

21. The privatization of warfare and inherently governmental functions : private military companies in Iraq and the state monopoly of regulated force

22. Banking regulation in times of crisis : an economic analysis from Turkey and Russia

23. Divided parents, shared children : legal aspects of (residential) co-parenting in England, The Netherlands and Belgium

24. Faith in public debate : on freedom of expression, hate speech and religion in France & the Netherlands

25. International actors and traditional justice in Sub-Saharan Africa : policies and interventions in transnational justice and justice sector aid

26. Legal aid in the low countries

27. Legal evolution and hybridisation : the law of shares transfer in England

28. The domestic impact and effectiveness of the process of state reporting under the UN rights treaties

29. Andrews on civil processes

30. Arbitration and mediation

31. Court proceedings

32. Transforming discriminatory sex roles and gender stereotyping : the implementation of article 5(a) CEDAW for the realisation of women's right to be free from gender-based violence in Jamaica

33. Enforcing health and safety regulation : a comparative economic approach

34. A disrupted balance? : prevention of terrorism and compliance with fundamental legal rights and principles of law - The Dutch anti-terrorism legislation

35. Hate speech revisited : a comparative and historical perspective on hate speech law in the Netherlands and England & Wales

36. International criminal law from a swedish perspective

37. Law and economics in the RIA world : improving the use of economic analysis in public policy and legislation

38. The right to work in China : Chinese labor legislation in the light of the international covenant on economic, social and cultural rights

39. The making of Chinese condominium law : a comparative perspective with American and South African condominium laws

40. Derden in het contractenrecht

41. Joint parental authority : a comparative legal study on the continuation of joint parental authority after divorce and the breakup of a relationship in Dutch and Danish law and the CEFL principles

42. Children and their parents : a comparative study of the legal position of children with regard to their intentional and biological parents in English and Dutch law

43. We are here to serve you ! : public security, police reform and human rights implementation in Costa Rica

44. Inheritance law legislation of the Netherlands : a translation of book 4 of the Dutch civil code, procedural provisions and private international law legislation

45. Judicial lawmaking and administrative law

46. Risico en voorzorg in de rechtsmaatschappij

47. Family law legislation of the Netherlands : a translation including book 1 of the Dutch Civil Code, procedural and transitional provisions and private international law legislation

48. Remedies in Zuid-Afrika en Europa : bijdragen over privaatrecht en constitutioneel recht in Zuid-Afrika, Nederland en België

49. Totstandkoming van de overeenkomst naar Belgisch en Nederlands recht

50. A human rights approach to combating religious persecution : cases from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Sudan