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1. 2020 survey of federal class action law. : a U.S. supreme court and circuit-by-circuit analysis

2. The 21st century maritime silk road : challenges and opportunities for Asia and Europe

3. 3D printing and beyond : intellectual property and regulation

4. A Practical Guide to Family Proceedings : Blomfield and Brooks

5. A research agenda for financial crime

6. ADR in the workplace

7. Criminal law governing juvenile delinquency in Iran, Germany, and the United Nations : with an empirical survey on attitudes of elites to juvenile criminal law conducted in Iran

8. The Brazilian arbitration act : a case law guide

9. Jurisdiction under Nigerian law : case law and commentaries

10. Principles of Investigative Criminal Procedure

11. The struggle for land under Israeli law : an architecture of exclusion

12. First 100 Years of Women in Law

13. Legal regulation of private actors in outer space : India's role

14. Handbook on enforcement of judgments (Practice & Procedure in Ghana).

15. Nutshells, award of damages and equitable remedies in ghanaian courts

16. Advanced introduction to U.S. environmental law

17. Advancement of human rights in India : conteporary and emerging challenges

18. Advancing environmental justice for marginalized communities in India : progress, challenges and opportunities

19. India's arrangements with other countries in civil matters

20. The right to effective judicial protection and legal security in the processes of dismissal of public officials

21. La acción colectiva en defensa de los consumidores : aspectos nacionales y transfronterizos : actualizada a la directiva (UE) 2020/1828

22. Creditor treatment in corporate insolvency law

23. Combating corruption in the Middle East : a socio-legal study of Kuwait

24. Domestic counter-terrorism in a global world : post-9/11 institutional structures and cultures in Canada and the United Kingdom

25. Regulating homosexuality in Soviet Russia, 1956–91 : a different history

26. Inheritance act claims : a practical guide

27. Elliott and Quinn's English legal system

28. Elliott & Quinn's English legal system

29. Immigration law handbook

30. Mediation law and civil practice

31. The Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 : A Practical Guide

32. Reparative environmental justice in a world of wounds

33. A theory of legal punishment : deterrence, retribution, and the aims of the state

34. Restatement of the law, the law governing lawyers : as adopted and promulgated

35. American sentencing : what happens and why?

36. Domestic courts and the interpretation of international law : methods and reasoning based on the Swiss example

37. Human rights law

38. Dispute system design : preventing, managing and resolving conflict

39. Sri Lanka, human rights and the United Nations : a scrutiny into the international human rights engagement with a third world state

40. Macdonald's exemption clauses and unfair terms

41. Andrews on civil processes : court proceedings, arbitration & mediation

42. Contractual duties : performance, breach, termination and remedies

43. Formalism, decisionism and conservatism in russian law

44. April fools' day every day in the courts

45. Law and economics in Japanese competition policy

46. Transitional justice in Brazil : walking the tightrope

47. Arbitration and corruption

48. Arbitration and the Surety

49. Arbitration in Argentina

50. Arbitration in India

51. Archbold Magistrates' Court Criminal Practice 2023

52. Arbitration clauses and third parties

53. Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers in Argentina

54. Artifical intelligence and the law

55. Artificial intelligence and the law : cybercrime and criminal liability

56. Artificial intelligence and the law

57. Forum (Non) Conveniens in England : past, present, and future

58. Aspects juridiques de la finance durable

59. Assessing government transparency in China (2018)

60. Law, society & politics

61. International criminal law in Mexico : national legislation, state practice and effective implementation

62. The Australian class action : a 30 years perspective

63. Concurrence et commerce en ligne = Competition and e-commerce

64. Avizandum legislation on international private law

65. The Palestinian constitutional court : an assessment of its independence under the emergency regime

66. Securities arbitration : practice and forms

67. Environment act 2021 : text, guide and analysis

68. A practical guide to environmental crime

69. Civil procedure : an active learning approach

70. A student's guide to the federal rules of civil procedure, 2020-2021

71. Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law

72. Baird & Jackson's Bankruptcy : cases, problems, and materials

73. The elements of bankruptcy

74. The centaur's dilemma : national security law for the coming AI revolution

75. An introduction to English legal history

76. The antitrust paradigm : restoring a competitive economy

77. IT contracts and dispute management : a practitioner's guide to the project lifecycle

78. Keeping hold of justice : encounters between law and colonialism

79. Bangladesh and international law

80. Bankruptcy and insolvency law in Canada : cases, materials, and problems

81. The judicial process : law, courts and judicial politics

82. Judiciary, Judges and the Administration of Justice

83. The independence of the judiciary in Bangladesh : exploring the gap between theory and practice

84. Prisoners of politics : breaking the cycle of mass incarceration

85. A practical guide to working with litigants in person and McKenzie friends in civil proceedings

86. Spectres of reparation in South Africa : re-encountering the truth and reconciliation commission

87. The law of Estoppel

88. Children's rights and the law : an introduction

89. Constitutional and administrative law

90. Constitutional and administrative law

91. The original meaning of the fourteenth amendment : its letter & spirit

92. Arbitration in Malaysia : a commentary on the Malaysian Arbitration Act

93. Tort law in Brazil

94. Ideology in the supreme court

95. Butterworths competition law handbook

96. Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020

97. Insolvency and restructuring manual

98. Injunctions. Part C (Matrimonial and domestic proceedings)

99. Key ideas in the rule of law and the separation of powers

100. Evidence : a contemporary approach