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1. 1KBW on enforcement in financial remedy proceedings

2. 2020 survey of federal class action law. : a U.S. supreme court and circuit-by-circuit analysis

3. The 21st century maritime silk road : challenges and opportunities for Asia and Europe

4. 3D printing and beyond : intellectual property and regulation

5. The 800-pound gorilla : limits to group structures and asset partitioning in insolvency

6. A Practical Guide to Family Proceedings : Blomfield and Brooks

7. A research agenda for financial crime

8. The ABCs of debt : a case study approach to debtor/creditor relations and bankruptcy law

9. ADR in the workplace

10. Aboriginal women, law and critical race theory : storytelling from the margins

11. Access to justice for the chinese consumer : handling consumer disputes in contemporary China

12. Accesul la justitie în procesul civil

13. Ad hoc arbitration in China

14. Addressing emerging trends to support the future of criminal justice. : findings of the criminal justice technology forecasting group

15. Administrative law : bureaucracy in a democracy

16. Administrative law and judicial Review in Papua New Guinea

17. Advanced introduction to U.S. environmental law

18. Advanced introduction to contract law and theory

19. Advanced introduction to freedom of speech

20. Advanced introduction to substantive criminal law

21. Advancement of human rights in India : conteporary and emerging challenges

22. Advancing environmental justice for marginalized communities in India : progress, challenges and opportunities

23. Advancing the right to health care in China : towards accountability

24. Adversarial legalism : the American way of law

25. Advising and representing clients at mediation

26. Advocacy : a practical guide

27. Advocacy in negotiation and mediation : a practical approach

28. Africa’s last colonial currency : the CFA franc story

29. After Nuremberg : American clemency for Nazi war criminals

30. After misogyny : how the law fails women and what to do about it

31. Against progress : intellectual property and fundamental values in the internet age

32. Algeria and the Cold War : international relations and the struggle for autonomy

33. Alternative Dispute Resolution

34. Alternative dispute resolution

35. Alternative dispute resolution : the Indian perspective

36. Alternative dispute resolution in the regulatory process

37. American business bankruptcy : a primer

38. American legal process

39. American sentencing : what happens and why?

40. Andrews on civil processes : court proceedings, arbitration & mediation

41. Animals as legal beings : contesting anthropocentric legal orders

42. Anti-Jewish Violence in Poland, 1914–1920

43. Anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing law and policy : showcasing Australia

44. Anti-muslim racism on trial : muslims, the swedish judiciary and the possibility of justice

45. Antitrust law

46. Antitrust law : cases and materials

47. Antitrust settlements : how a simple agreement can drive the economy

48. Application of the Indian Arbitration Act to Non-ICSID Investor-State Arbitrations

49. Applied family law in Islamic courts : Shari’a Courts in Gaza

50. Approaching Victimology as social science for Human rights : a Spanish perspective

51. Appropriate dispute resolution

52. April fools' day every day in the courts

53. Arbitral travels : reminiscences of a peripatetic jamaican arbitrator

54. Arbitrating commercial disputes in the United States

55. Arbitration

56. Arbitration : practice, policy, and law

57. Arbitration Law of Pakistan

58. Arbitration and conciliation laws : arbitration and conciliation act, 1996 with amendments and other modes of alternative dispute resolution

59. Arbitration and corruption

60. Arbitration and the Surety

61. Arbitration clauses and third parties

62. Arbitration in Albania : current state of law and reform in the perspective of UNCITRAL model law

63. Arbitration in Argentina

64. Arbitration in Egypt : a practitioner's guide

65. Arbitration in India

66. Arbitration in Ireland - Arbitration Act 2010 and model law : a commentary

67. Arbitration in Malaysia : a commentary on the Malaysian Arbitration Act

68. Arbitration in Russia

69. Arbitration in Switzerland : the practitioner's guide

70. Arbitration in the Netherlands : with a commentary on the NAI and PCA arbitration rules

71. Arbitration law

72. Arbitration law in a nutshell

73. Arbitration of intellectual property disputes in the United States

74. Arbitration of intra-corporate disputes in Turkish law

75. Archbold Magistrates' Court Criminal Practice 2023

76. Art law and the business of art

77. Artifical intelligence and the law

78. Artificial Intelligence, robots and the law

79. Artificial intelligence and the law

80. Artificial intelligence and the law : a comprehensive guide for the legal profession, academia and society

81. Artificial intelligence and the law : cybercrime and criminal liability

82. Artificial intelligence and the legal profession

83. Artificial intelligence as a disruptive technology : economic transformation and government regulation

84. Ashworth's principle of criminal law

85. Aspects juridiques de la finance durable

86. Assessing government transparency in China (2018)

87. Assisted reproduction, discrimination, and the law

88. Asylum legal aid lawyers' professional ethics in practice : a study into the professional decision making of asylum legal aid lawyers in the Netherlands and England

89. The Australian class action : a 30 years perspective

90. Australian uniform evidence law

91. Austrian reconstruction and the collapse of global finance, 1921-1931

92. Autonomous vehicles : tracing the locus of regulation and liability

93. Autonomous vehicles and the law : technology, algorithms and ethics

94. Avizandum legislation on international private law

95. Baird & Jackson's Bankruptcy : cases, problems, and materials

96. Bangladesh and international law

97. Banking Law : Private Transactions and Regulatory Frameworks

98. Banking law and regulation

99. Banking on data : evaluating open banking and data rights in banking law

100. Bankrupt in America : a history of debtors, their creditors, and the law in the twentieth century