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1. 2020 survey of federal class action law. : a U.S. supreme court and circuit-by-circuit analysis

2. 25 years of class actions in Australia: 1992-2017

3. 3D printing and beyond : intellectual property and regulation

4. 99/1963 Coll. : civil procedure code

5. The ABM treaty : to defend or not to defend?

6. ADR advocacy, strategies, and practices for intellectual property and technology cases

7. ADR in the workplace

8. Practicing environmental law

9. The Aarhus convention : a guide for UK lawyers

10. Criminal law governing juvenile delinquency in Iran, Germany, and the United Nations : with an empirical survey on attitudes of elites to juvenile criminal law conducted in Iran

11. The Brazilian arbitration act : a case law guide

12. Civil litigation in Nigeria : a quick reference guide to practice and procedure

13. Jurisdiction under Nigerian law : case law and commentaries

14. The last post-cold war socialist federation : ethnicity, ideology and democracy in Ethiopia

15. Speech & respect

16. In search of justice : society and the legal system

17. May made me : an oral History of the 1968 uprising in France

18. Corruption in the Judicial Services

19. Freedom and the court : civil rights and liberties in the United States

20. The judiciary : the Supreme Court in the governmental process

21. Canadian civil procedure law

22. Halsbury's laws of Canada : Civil Procedure (2017 Reissue).

23. Inside arbitration : how an arbitrator decides labor and employment cases

24. Principles of Investigative Criminal Procedure

25. Romance in the ivory tower : the rights and liberty of conscience

26. The struggle for land under Israeli law : an architecture of exclusion

27. Access to justice and legal aid : comparative perspectives on unmet legal need

28. Access to justice : beyond the policies and politics of austerity

29. Landmark judgements Of supreme court : 1954 to 2014. Annotated together with precedents

30. Law relating to arbitration & A.D.R.

31. We the people

32. First 100 Years of Women in Law

33. A gentle introduction to Stata

34. Acquisition finance agreements in Germany

35. Company law guidebook

36. Populist parties and the failure of the political elites : the rise of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ)

37. Addressing vulnerability in justice systems

38. Being modern in Iran

39. Legal regulation of private actors in outer space : India's role

40. Competition law in Ethiopia

41. Administrative justice in the 21st century

42. Administrative law and regulatory policy : problems, text, and cases

43. Administrative litigation systems in greater China and Europe

44. Letters of credit : the law and practice of compliance

45. Governing our fifty States and their communities

46. Advanced introduction to U.S. environmental law

47. Advancement of human rights in India : conteporary and emerging challenges

48. Advancing environmental justice for marginalized communities in India : progress, challenges and opportunities

49. Advising in austerity : reflections on challenging times for advice agencies

50. Afghanistan : identity, society and politics since 1980