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1. Administrative justice in the 21st century

2. Being modern in Iran

3. Business and bankruptcy law in the Netherlands : selected essays

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13. The English legal system in action : the administration of justice

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15. Foreign policy on human rights : its influence on Indonesia under Soeharto

16. Freedom, law and justice

17. God's peace and king's peace : the law of Edward the Confessor

18. Grundfragen der Gerichtsverfassung : internationale Zustellung; ein Forschungsbericht

19. The Human Rights Act and the criminal justice and regulatory process

20. Intellectual property law in Greece

21. Introduction to arbitration : Swiss and international perspectives

22. Issues of international arbitration and the new Greek law on international commercial arbitration

23. Japan Comes of Age : Mutsu Munemitsu and the Revision of Unequal Treaties

24. Kinship foster care : policy, practice, and research

25. Law at the centre : the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies at fifty

26. Liberalism and empire : a study in nineteenth-century British liberal thought

27. Mediation in action : resolving court disputes without trial

28. Medical law in Greece

29. Multicultural society and private law : German experiences

30. Norms in international relations : the struggle against apartheid

31. Organizational learning and the learning organization : developments in theory and practice

32. Personal liability and disqualification of company directors

33. Regulating enterprise : law and business organisations in the UK

34. Revolutionary days : the Iran hostage crisis and the Hague Claims Tribunal, a look back

35. The Singapore legal system

36. So you really want to be an arbitrator ?

37. Social science, social policy, and the law

38. Supreme court decision-making : new institutionalist approaches

39. Gli accordi bilaterali dell'Italia in materia spaziale : Italy's bilateral agreements in outer space

40. The alien tort claims act : an analytical anthology

41. A historical introduction to the law of obligations

42. The law on Res Judicata and double jeopardy

43. The nineteenth century

44. Advocacy and the making of the adversarial criminal trial, 1800-1865

45. Bacon : the history of the reign of ling Henry VII and selected works

46. Child support in action

47. Civil procedure anthology

48. Color conscious : the political morality of race

49. Constitutional civil rights in a nutshell

50. Criminal process : cases, comment, questions