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1. Algorithmic regulation and personalized law : a handbook

2. Battle of Forms : Konkurrierende AGB im multilateralen Rechtsvergleich

3. Civil case management in the twenty-first century : court structures still matter

4. Climate change litigation

5. Disciplining judges : contemporary challenges and controversies

6. Droit processuel : droit commun et droit comparé du procès équitable

7. Economics and law of artificial intelligence : finance, economic impacts, risk management and governance

8. How judges judge : empirical insights into judicial decision-making

9. Internet jurisdiction : law and practice

10. Judges and adjudication in constitutional democracies : a view from legal realism

11. Legal capacity & gender : realising the human right to legal personhood and agency of women, disabled women, and gender minorities

12. Personengesellschaften im Rechtsvergleich

13. Policing global regions : the legal context of transnational law enforcement cooperation

14. Regulation and the global financial crisis : impact, regulatory responses, and beyond

15. Special Purpose Acquisition Companies und die Ineffizienz des Kapitalsystems

16. Verfassungsentwicklungen im Vergleich : Italien 1947, Deutschland 1949, Spanien 1978

17. Vulnerable consumers and the law : consumer protection and access to justice

18. Wine law and policy : from national terroirs to a global market

19. The enforcement of offender supervision in Europe : understanding breach processes

20. Antitrust and competition laws

21. Beschränkung rechtsgeschäftlicher Erfüllungsverpflichtungen : eine rechtsvergleichende Untersuchung zur vertraglichen Leistungsbegrenzung am Beispiel von Qualitätsvereinbarungen beim Warenkauf sowie anhand der Definition des Haftpflichtversicherungsfalles

22. Causes and Consequences of Migrant Criminalization

23. Central courts in early modern Europe and the Americas

24. Collective judging in comparative perspective

25. Comparing legal cultures