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1. Child Justice Administration in Africa

2. Les deux visages de la juridicité : écrits sur le droit et la justice en Afrique

3. Corporate social responsibility and law in Africa : theories, issues and practices

4. Annotated leading trademark cases in major asian jurisdictions

5. Law and justice around the world : a comparative approach

6. Ausländische Rechtsimplantate im nationalen Zivilprozessrecht

7. African migration, human rights and literature

8. Advanced introduction to law and artificial intelligence

9. Face recognition technology : compulsory visibility and its impact on privacy and the confidentiality of personal identifiable images

10. The Routledge Handbook of State-Owned Enterprises

11. Digitising democracy : on reinventing democracy in the digital era : a legal, political and psychological perspective

12. Corporate insolvency law : a comparative textbook

13. Rechtliche Governance von Zulieferverträgen. : eine vergleichende Untersuchung in der Automobilindustrie zum deutschen, italienischen und englischen Recht

14. Going for broke : insolvency tools to support cross-border asset recovery in corruption

15. Buchgeld und Bargeld

16. Judicial Self-Governance in the New Millennium : an institutional and policy framework

17. Artificial intelligence in the audiovisual sector

18. International civil procedure in post-soviet space : the participation of foreigners

19. COVID-19 and business law

20. Caring responsibilities in european law and policy : who cares?

21. Causes and Consequences of Migrant Criminalization

22. Central and Eastern Europe as a double periphery? : volume of proceedings from the 11th CEE Forum Conference in Bratislava, Slovakia 25-26 April 2019

23. Central courts in early modern Europe and the Americas

24. Competition law in developing countries

25. Collective judging in comparative perspective

26. Comparative dispute resolution

27. Comparative law and multicultural legal classes : challenge or opportunity?

28. Comparative privacy and defamation

29. Comparing legal cultures

30. Constitutional Identities in Central and Eastern Europe

31. Constitutionalism under extreme conditions : law, emergency, exception

32. Constitutions et lois fondamentales des pays arabes

33. Construction arbitration in central and eastern Europe : contemporary issues

34. Consumidor y sector bancario

35. Contesting human rights : norms, institutions and practice

36. Contract and property with an environmental perspective

37. Corporate social responsibility – sustainable business : environmental, social and governance frame

38. Propriété intellectuelle à l'ère du Big Data et de la Blockchain = Intellectual Property in the Era of Big Data and Blockchain

39. Contract law in the South Pacific

40. Court Management - Gestion du Tribunal : pour un principe de coordination en matière de gestion du tribunal - For au Principle of Coordination in Court Management

41. Court-connected construction mediation practice : a comparative inernational review

42. Courts, politics and constitutional law : judicialization of politics and politicization of the judiciary

43. Covid-19 : ambiente, salute e diritti umani : il virus che ha tolto il respiro alla terra

44. Critical restorative justice

45. Recht auf Zugang zum Gericht und zum Asylverfahren im europäischen, deutschen und französischen Recht = Accès au juge et aux procédures d’asile à la lumière des droits européen, allemand et français

46. Data protection and privacy : data protection and democracy

47. Data protection in the internet

48. Lawyer health and wellbeing : how the legal profession is tackling stress and creating resiliency

49. Defences in equity

50. Del Derecho al razonamiento probatorio

51. Real obligations at the edge of contract and property

52. Democratic failure

53. Disability, globalization and human rights

54. Discovery across the globe : obteining evidence abroad to support U.S. Proceedings

55. Dispute resolution in islamic finance : alternative to litigation?

56. Documenter les violences : usages publics du passé dans la justice transitionnelle

57. Das Ausschlagungsrecht in der Insolvenz : rechtsvergleichende Reformüberlegungen unter Berücksichtigung des französischen und niederländischen Rechts

58. Du droit constitutionnel au juge vers un droit au juge constitutionnel : perspectives de droit comparé : actes de la Journée d'études décentralisée de l'AFDC, Aix-en-Provence, 23 novembre 2018

59. Les stratégies juridiques en vue de l'abolition universelle de la peine de mort = Rechtsstrategien zur weltweiten abschaffung der todesstrafe

60. Gerichtliche Kontrolle von Vergleichen im kollektiven Rechtsschutz : eine Untersuchung zum US-amerikanischen, niederländischen und deutschen Recht

61. Abuse of rights in international arbitration

62. Elderly care and upwards solidarity : historical, sociological and legal perspectives

63. Employment and Private International Law

64. Enforcing consumer and capital markets law : the diesel emissions scandal

65. Enjeux internationaux des activités économiques : entre logique territoriale des Etats et puissance des acteurs privés

66. Environmental law across cultures : comparisons for legal practice

67. Extraterritorialités et droit international

68. Faire et défaire les liens familiaux : usages et pratiques du droit en contexte migratoire

69. Product liability

70. Federalism and the courts in Africa : design and impact in comparative perspective

71. Mediation ethics : from theory to practice

72. La globalización del Derecho procesal

73. Robots, healthcare, and the law : regulating automation in personal care

74. The law and business of litigation finance

75. Fundamental rights protection online : the future regulation of intermediaries

76. The conflict resolution toolbox : models and maps for analyzing, diagnosing, and resolving conflict

77. Tendenze del diritto privato in prospettiva comparatistica

78. General Reports of the XXth General Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law = Rapports généraux du XXème Congrès général de l'Académie internationale de droit comparé

79. International Negotiable Instruments

80. Alternative dispute resolution e garanzia di accesso alla giustizia : nuove forme di tutela nello Stato di diritto

81. Prescription in tort law : analytical and comparative perspectives

82. The privatization of fraud investigation : internal investigations by fraud examiners

83. Emergency powers in a time of pandemic

84. Permanent states of emergency and the rule of law : constitutions in an Age of crisis

85. Economic analysis of the arbitrator's function

86. Lineamenti di diritto comparato

87. The judicial system : the administration and politics of justice

88. Das Prinzipal-Agenten-Problem im kollektiven Rechtsschutz

89. Combating money laundering in Africa : dealing with the problems of PEPs

90. Antitrust and competition laws

91. Offenlegung nichtfinanzieller Informationen : nichtfinanzielle Publizitätspflichten im Spannungsfeld von Informations- und Regulierungsfunktion im europäischen, deutschen und US-amerikanischen Aktien-, Bilanz- und Kapitalmarktrecht

92. Méthodologie de l'étude d'impact climatique : droits européen, français et anglo-saxon

93. Immoral contracts in Europe

94. Innovation and the transformation of consumer law : national and international perspectives

95. Innovation and transition in law : experiences and theoretical settings

96. Intellectual property law and the fourth industrial revolution

97. International comparative legal guide : consumer protection 2020

98. International survey of family law 2020

99. International trust disputes,

100. Judging regulators : the political economy of anglo-american administrative law