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1. A comparative law analysis of no-fault comprehensive compensation funds : international best practice and contemporary applications

2. Between sexuality, gender and reproduction : on the pluralisation of family forms

3. Comparing online legal education = Comparer les formations juridiques en ligne : past, present and future = passé, présent et future

4. Lawyer roles in knowledge work

5. Plurality and diversity in law : family forms and family's functions

6. Plurality and diversity in law : the human rights paradigm

7. Introduction to South Pacific Law

8. The acquisition of immovables through long-term use

9. Civil enforcement in a comparative perspective : a public management challenge

10. Coronavirus and the law in Europe

11. Human rights and the internet

12. International survey of family law 2021

13. Law, cultural studies and the "burqa ban" trend : an interdisciplinary handbook

14. Legal systems of the Pacific : introducing sixteen gems

15. Looking at Law through children's eyes

16. Technology, the global economy and other new challenges for civil justice

17. The law and economics of secured lending

18. The patient, data protection and changing healthcare models : the impact of e-health on informed consent, anonymisation and purpose limitation

19. Children’s rights and commercial communication in the digital era : towards an empowering regulatory framework for commercial communication

20. Collective judging in comparative perspective

21. Contract and property with an environmental perspective

22. Contract law in the South Pacific

23. Corporate insolvency law : a comparative textbook

24. Elderly care and upwards solidarity : historical, sociological and legal perspectives

25. Immoral contracts in Europe

26. International survey of family law 2020

27. National and international anti-money laundering law

28. Prescription in tort law : analytical and comparative perspectives

29. Real obligations at the edge of contract and property

30. Comparative concepts of criminal law

31. Consumer protection in a circular economy

32. Eastern and Western perspectives on surrogacy

33. International survey of family law 2019

34. Intertemporeel recht

35. Law of remedies : a european perspective

36. Plurality and diversity of family relations in Europe

37. Privacy online, law and the effective regulaton of online services

38. Process-based fundamental rights review : practice, concept and theory

39. The borderlines of tort law : interactions with contract law

40. Comparative administrative law : administrative law of the European Union, its member states and the United States

41. International survey of family law 2018

42. Oneerlijke handelspraktijken en bedingen in contracten tussen ondernemingen

43. Regulating risk through private law

44. Extended confiscation in criminal law : national, european and international perspectives

45. Introduction to South Pacific law

46. Principles of cross-border insolvency law

47. Privacy as virtue : moving beyond the individual in the age of big data

48. Revisiting procedural human rights : fundamentals of civil procedure and the changing face of civil justice

49. Same-sex relationships and beyond : gender matters in the EU

50. Transatlantic data privacy relationships as a challenge for democracy