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1. Access to justice in arbitration : concept, context and practice

2. Algorithmic regulation and personalized law : a handbook

3. Artificial intelligence and the law

4. Banking bailout law : a comparative study of the United States, United Kingdom and the European Union

5. Banning black gods : law and religions of the african diaspora

6. Battle of Forms : Konkurrierende AGB im multilateralen Rechtsvergleich

7. The Cambridge handbook of class actions : an international survey

8. Civil case management in the twenty-first century : court structures still matter

9. Civil courts coping with Covid-19

10. Climate change litigation

11. Climate change litigation : global perspectives

12. Comparative climate change litigation : beyond the usual suspects

13. Comparative corporate governance

14. Comparative tort law : global perspectives

15. Compensation schemes for damages caused by healthcare and alternatives to court proceedings : comparative law perspectives

16. Contentieux constitutionnel comparé : une introduction critique au droit processuel constitutionnel

17. Courts in evolving societies : sino-european dialogue between judges and academics

18. Cross-border protocols in insolvencies of multinational enterprise groups

19. Data protection around the world : privacy laws in action

20. Deep driving into data protection : 1979-2019 : celebrating 40 years of research on privacy and data

21. Disciplining judges : contemporary challenges and controversies

22. Discrimination, Vulnerable Consumers and Financial Inclusion

23. Droit processuel : droit commun et droit comparé du procès équitable

24. Dynamics of constitutional cultures : the cultural manifestation and political force field of constitutionalism

25. Economics and law of artificial intelligence : finance, economic impacts, risk management and governance

26. Fundamental rights and legal consequences of criminal conviction

27. Gender justice and the law : theoretical practices of intersectional identity

28. Gender, poverty and access to justice policy : implementation in Sub-Saharan Africa

29. Groups of companies : a comparative law overview

30. How judges judge : empirical insights into judicial decision-making

31. The International Compendium of Construction Contracts : A country by chapter review

32. International capital markets : law and institutions

33. Internet jurisdiction : law and practice

34. Judges and adjudication in constitutional democracies : a view from legal realism

35. Judging and emotion : a socio-legal analysis

36. Law and the christian tradition in Scandinavia : the writings of great nordic jurists

37. Law, religion, and freedom : conceptualizing a common right

38. Legal capacity & gender : realising the human right to legal personhood and agency of women, disabled women, and gender minorities

39. Legal services and sigital infrastructures : a new compass for better governance

40. Looking at aw through children's eyes

41. Military courts, civil-military relations, and the legal battle for democracy : the politics of militaru justice

42. Narratives in the criminal process

43. Nordic histories of human rights

44. Personengesellschaften im Rechtsvergleich

45. Perspectivas actuales de derecho comparado

46. Policing global regions : the legal context of transnational law enforcement cooperation

47. Politically motivated justice : authoritarian legacies and their role in shaping constitutional practices nin the former Soviet Union

48. Poverty and human rights : multidisciplinary perspectives

49. Powers of the prosecutor in criminal investigation : a comparative perspective

50. Private sector investment in infrastructure : project finance, PPP projects and PPP frameworks