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1. Global animal law from the margins : international trade in animals and their bodies

2. Queer victimology : understanding the victim experience

3. Robotics, AI and criminal law : crimes againts robots

4. Routledge handbook of commercial space law

5. A comparative law analysis of no-fault comprehensive compensation funds : international best practice and contemporary applications

6. Abuse of process

7. Advanced introduction to cross-border insolvency law

8. Algorithmes, justice prédictive et juges-robots : entre Judge Dredd et Minority report, quels tribunaux pour demain ?

9. Algorithms, collusion and competition law : a comparative approach

10. Animal rights law

11. Antitrust between EU law and national law = Antitrust fra diritto nazionale e diritto dell’unione europea : XV conference - XV convegno

12. Applied legal pluralism : processes, driving forces and effects

13. Artificial intelligence and financial behaviour

14. Artificial intelligence in finance : challenges, opportunities and regulatory developments

15. Artificial intelligence law : between sectoral rules and general regime

16. Artificial intelligence, social harms and human rights

17. Asia Arbitration Guide

18. Bank insolvency law in developing economies

19. Between sexuality, gender and reproduction : on the pluralisation of family forms

20. Chocolat 100 % droit

21. Civil Liability for Artificial Intelligence and Software

22. Comparative and transnational dispute resolution

23. Comparative criminal justice : international trends and practices

24. Comparing online legal education = Comparer les formations juridiques en ligne : past, present and future = passé, présent et future

25. Contemporary issues in finance and insolvency law

26. Corporate finance for lawyers

27. Corporate governance and IFRS in the Middle East : compliance with international financial reporting standards

28. Corporate regulation for climate change mitigation in Africa : a case for dilute interventionism

29. Criminal legalities and minorities in the global south : rights and resistance in a decolonial world

30. Cybercurrency law : a guide to digital asset regulation around the world

31. Data, digitalization, decentialized finance and central bank digital currencies : the future of banking and money

32. Democracy, legal education and the political

33. Discrimination and employment law : international legal perspectives

34. Die Dissenting Opinion im Handelsschiedsverfahren. : eine rechtsvergleichende Untersuchung des deutschen, englischen und US-amerikanischen Rechts

35. Droit contemporain des pays arabes

36. Droit et techniques internationales de la titrisation : des actifs aux titres financiers

37. Droit international et européen des sociétés

38. Droit processuel : droit commun et droit comparé du procès équitable

39. Drones – Future of Aviation Law? : interference of public law in private law

40. Efficiency and bureaucratisation of criminal justice : global trends

41. Europe and Asia as a legal area for fundamental rights

42. Executory contracts in insolvency law : a global guide

43. Fair trial rights and multilingualism in Africa : perspectives from comparable jurisdictions

44. Finance, accounting and law in the digital age : the impact of technology and innovation in the financial services sector

45. Frontiers of gender equality : transnational legal perspectives

46. Fundamentals of environmental law and compliance

47. Furmston and Tolhurst on contract formation : law and practice

48. Gender perspectives in private law

49. Greening the civil codes : comparative private law and environmental protection

50. Handbook of legal tech