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1. Post-employment covenants in employment relationships

2. 1940s-1960s : classical regional integration

3. 1970s-1980s : revisions of classical regional integration

4. 1990s- : the new regionalism

5. 2000-2010 : comparative regionalism

6. The 2016 EU justice scoreboard

7. 30 ans ASF, Avocats sans frontières

8. Globalization & crime

9. Constitutional violence : legitimacy, democracy and human rights

10. The arab spring : an essay on revolution and constitutionalism

11. Child Justice Administration in Africa

12. Implementing business and human rights norms in Africa : law and policy interventions

13. The elements of power : gadgets, guns, and the struggle for a sustainable future in the rare metal age

14. International taxation of manufacturing and distribution

15. Abuse of companies

16. Abusive practices in competition law

17. Access to justice in arbitration : concept, context and practice

18. Access to telecommunication data in criminal justice : a comparative legal analysis

19. Accountability in the contemporary constitution

20. Banking regulation in Africa : the case of Nigeria and other emerging economies

21. Administrative sanctions in the European Union

22. Advances in political economy : institutions modelling and empirical analysis

23. African legal theory and contemporary problems : critical essays

24. Agency law in commercial practice

25. East meets West : development of mutual legal assistance in criminal matters between and within the Association of Southeast Nations and the European Union

26. Democracy and the politics of electoral system choice : engineering electoral dominance

27. The nature and enforcement of choice of court agreements : a comparative study

28. Air passenger rights : ten years on

29. Combatting cybercrime and cyberterrorism : challenges, trends and priorities

30. Maritime cabotage law

31. Constitutional amendments : making, breaking, and changing constitutions

32. Authoritarianism and the elite origins of democracy

33. Principles of banking regulation

34. Changing Caribbean constitutions

35. Algorithmic regulation and personalized law : a handbook

36. Court mediation reform : efficiency, confidence and perceptions of justice

37. Competition of legal systems and harmonization of European private law : new paths in a comparative perspective

38. Corporate social responsibility, human rights and the law : multinational corporations in developing countries

39. Judicial precedent and arbitration--are arbitrators bound by judicial precedent? : a comparative study of UK, US and Brazilian law and practice

40. Corporate social responsibility and law in Africa : theories, issues and practices

41. The foundations and future of financial regulation : governance for responsibility

42. Caribbean private international law

43. Dispute resolution in transnational securities transactions

44. Animal ethics and animal law

45. Animal law and welfare : international perspectives

46. Judging and emotion : a socio-legal analysis

47. Annotated leading trademark cases in major asian jurisdictions

48. Annulment and enforcement of arbitral awards from a comparative law perspective : contributions from CEPANI40 colloquium held on October 18, 2018

49. Anti-Cartel enforcement in a contemporary age : leniency religion

50. Antibody patenting : a practitioner's guide to drafting prosecution and enforcement

51. Antitrust procedural fairness

52. Confidentiality in offshore financial law

53. Apex courts and the common law

54. Applied Arts under IP Law = Les arts appliqués dans la législation sur la propriété intellectuelle : the uncertain border between beauty and usefulness. Proceedings of the international congress of the association littéraire et artistique internationale (ALAI), Rome, 15-16 september 2016 = la frontière incertaine entre beauté et utilisé. Actes du congrès internationale de l'association littéraire et artistique intenrationale (ALAI), Rome 15-16 septembre 2016

55. Apportionment in private law

56. The Arab uprisings : transforming and challenging state power

57. Post sovereign constitutional making : learning and legitimacy

58. Arbitration in Africa : a practitioner's guide

59. Arbitration in Africa

60. Arbitration of M&A transactions : a practical global guide

61. Architecture and justice : judicial meanings in the public realm

62. Armonización del derecho internacional privado en el Caribe : estudios y materiales preparatorios y proyecto de Ley Modelo Ohadac de derecho internacional privado de 2014 = L' harmonisation du droit international privé dans le Caraïbe = Harmonization of private international law in the Caribbean

63. Principles of financial regulation

64. Reforming Justice : a journey to fairness in Asia

65. International tax primer

66. Corruption : economic analysis and international law

67. Legal capacity & gender : realising the human right to legal personhood and agency of women, disabled women, and gender minorities

68. Law and justice around the world : a comparative approach

69. Artificial Intelligence and the Law :

70. Artificial intelligence in finance : challenges, opportunities and regulatory developments

71. Artificial intelligence : law and regulation

72. Artificial intelligence, social harms and human rights

73. Preventive justice

74. Asia-Pacific security : an introduction

75. Asian Ombudsman institutions : a comparative legal analysis : handbook

76. Asian conflict of laws : East and South East Asia

77. Asian courts in context

78. The demographic transformations of citizenship

79. Nordic cohabitation law

80. Attachment of assets

81. The end of the Asian century : war, stagnation, and the risks to the world’s most dynamic region

82. Authoritarian constitutionalism : comparative analysis and critique

83. Autonomie für eine Dritte Gewalt in Europa = Autonomy for a third power in Europe : Transferaufgabe für aufgeklärte Gesellschaften der Vernunft = a transfer task for enlightened and rational European societies

84. Fairness in antitrust : protecting the strong from the weak

85. The COMI : a choice of law rule for corporate cross border bankruptcy (a comparative study of american, french & egyptian law)

86. "Crossover" Children in the youth justice and child protection systems

87. Counterterrorism law and practice in the east african community

88. Balancing wealth and health : the battle over intellectual property and access to medicines in Latin America

89. Un-veiling dichotomies : european secularism and women's veiling

90. The globotics upheaval : globalization, robotics, and the future of work

91. What else can central banks do ?

92. Principles of international financial law

93. Principles of international financial law

94. African migration, human rights and literature

95. Bank insolvency law in developing economies

96. Bank recovery and resolution : a conference book

97. Banking regulation : jurisdictional comparisons

98. Gender and justice in family law disputes : women, mediation, and religious arbitration

99. Advanced introduction to law and artificial intelligence

100. The Art and Craft of Judgment Writing