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1. Handbook on data protection in humanitarian action

3. Rethinking ethical foreign policy: pitfalls, possibilities and paradoxes

4. Reconsidering constitutional formation II decisive constitutional normativity. from old liberties to new precedence

5. Systèmes judiciaires européens : rapport d’évaluation de la CEPEJ : cycle d’évaluation 2020 (données 2018)

6. Envisioning reform : improving judicial performance in Latin America

7. Asia arbitration guide

8. International business courts : a european and global perspective

9. The harmonisation of rules on the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in the Southern African Custums Union

10. A comparative analysis of pre-trial procedure in Europe: the search for an ideal model

11. Migration and islamic ethics: issues of residence, naturalisation and citizenship

12. Start-up law

13. The consequences of the global financial crisis : the rhetoric of reform and regulation

14. Comparative legal systems : a short introduction

15. Artificial intelligence in the audiovisual sector

16. Economic value of the judiciary : a pilot study for five countries on volume, value and duration of large commercial cases

17. Civil procedure in cross-cultural dialogue : Eurasia context : IAPL World Conference on Civil Procedure , 18 - 21 September, 2012, Moscow, Russia : conference book

18. Derechos Humanos y Empresas : Reflexiones desde América Latina

19. European judicial systems edition 2018 (2016 data) - efficiency and quality of justice

20. European judicial systems : edition 2016 (2014 data) - efficiency and quality of justice

21. Understanding cybercrime : phenomena, challenges, and legal response

22. Standing up for your right(s) in Europe : a comparative study on legal standing (locus standi) before the EU and member states' courts

23. England and Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Cyprus

24. Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Hungary

25. France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal

26. Sweden, Norway and Denmark, Finland, Spain

27. The Netherlands, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Malta, Latvia

28. National reports on the transfer of movables in Europe

29. Austria, Estonia, Italy, Slovenia