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1. Access to justice and the judiciary : towards new European standards of affordability, quality and efficiency of civil adjudication

2. Administrative law of the European Union, its member states and the United States : a comparative analysis

3. Administrative sanctions in the European Union

4. Artificial intelligence and the law

5. Nordic cohabitation law

6. Privacy online, law and the effective regulaton of online services

7. Foundational facts, relative truths : a comparative law study on children's right to know their genetic origins

8. Corporate insolvency law : a comparative textbook

9. Principles of cross-border insolvency law

10. Effective criminal defence in Europe

11. Ex-post liability rules in modern patent law

12. Children and justice : overcoming language barriers (cooperation in interpreter-mediated questioning of minors)

13. Collective judging in comparative perspective

14. Common core and better law in european family law

15. Comparative administrative law : administrative law of the European Union, its member states and the United States

16. Comparative concepts of criminal law

17. Comparative concepts of criminal law

18. Comparative concepts of criminal law

19. Conflicts between fundamental rights

20. Consumer protection in a circular economy

21. Contract and property with an environmental perspective

22. Coronavirus and the law in Europe

23. Contract law in the South Pacific

24. Courts and civil procedure in the South Pacific

25. Introduction to South Pacific law

26. All's well that ends registered? : the substantive and private international law aspects of non-marital registered relationships in Europe : a comparison of the laws of Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom

27. Freedom of thought, conscience and religion or belief in the United Nations (1946-1992)

28. Oneerlijke handelspraktijken en bedingen in contracten tussen ondernemingen

29. Debates in family law around the globe at the dawn of the 21st century

30. Defence Rights During Administrative Investigations

31. Eastern and Western perspectives on surrogacy

32. Elderly care and upwards solidarity : historical, sociological and legal perspectives

33. Equal is not enough

34. European Product Liability : An Analysis of the State of the Art in the Era of New Technologies

35. The European Union and national civil procedure

36. European challenges in contemporary family law

37. Evidence in Contemporary Civil Procedure : fundamental issues in a comparative perspective

38. Family forms and parenthood : theory and practice of article 8 ECHR in Europe

39. Family law and culture in Europe : developments, challenges and opportunities

40. The effect of D&O insurance on managerial risk taking

41. Genetic discrimination and genetic privacy in a comparative perspective

42. Selected issues in equal treatment law : a multi-layered comparison of European, English and Dutch law

43. Prescription in tort law : analytical and comparative perspectives

44. Global perspectives on ADR

45. Convergence in European Consumer Sales Law : a comparative and numerial approach

46. Handbook of shale gas law and policy : economics, access, law and regulation in key jurisdictions

47. Parliamentary immunity : a comprehensive study of the systems of parliamentary immunity of the United Kingdom, France, and the Netherlands in a European context

48. Constitutions compared : an introduction to comparative constitutional law

49. Constitutions compared : an introduction to comparative constitutionnal law

50. Looking at aw through children's eyes

51. Process-based fundamental rights review : practice, concept and theory

52. Sperm donation, single women and filiation

53. Imperative inheritance law in a late-modern society : five perspectives

54. The International Competition Network at ten : origins, accomplishments and aspirations; essays

55. Netherlands Reports to the Seventeenth International Congress of Comparative Law : Utrecht 2006

56. Netherlands reports to the nineteenth international congress of comparative law : Vienna 2014

57. Netherlands Reports to the Eighteenth International Congress of Comparative Law : Washington 2010

58. International journal of procedural law : IJPL = Revue internationale de droit processuel : RIDP = Internationale Zeitschrift für Zivilprozessrecht : IZZP

59. International survey of family law 2018

60. International survey of family law 2019

61. International survey of family law 2020

62. International survey of family law 2021

63. Interrogating young suspects II : procedural safeguards from an empirical perspective

64. Interrogating young suspects : procedural safeguards from a legal perspective

65. Constitutional constraints on ad hoc legislation : a comparative study of the United States, Germany and the Netherlands

66. Why stewardship of finance?

67. Judicial case management and efficiency in civil litigation

68. Justiciability of economic and social rights : experiences from domestic systems

69. Juxtaposing legal systems and the principles of european family law on divorce and maintenance

70. Juxtaposing legal systems and the principles of european family law on parental responsibilities

71. Civil enforcement in a comparative perspective : a public management challenge

72. The practice of public procurement : tendering, selection and award

73. Motive matters! : an exploration of the notion 'deliberate breach of contract' and its consequences for the application of remedies

74. Contract interpretation and gap filling : comparative and theoretical perspectives

75. Law of remedies : a european perspective

76. Law, cultural studies and the "burqa ban" trend : an interdisciplinary handbook

77. Legal recognition of same-sex relationships in Europe : national, cross-border and European perspectives

78. Legal systems of the Pacific : introducing sixteen gems

79. The application of the theory of efficient breach in contract law : a comparative law and economics perspective

80. Human rights and the internet

81. Behavioural economics in consumer policy : the economic analysis of standard terms in consumer contracts revisited

82. Comparative analysis of merger control policy : lessons for China

83. The borderlines of tort law : interactions with contract law

84. Multi-Party redress mechanisms in Europe : squeaking mice?

85. National and international anti-money laundering law

86. National human rights institutions in Europe : comparative, european and international perspectives

87. New frontiers of consumer protection : the interplay between private and public enforcement

88. New trends in criminal investigation and evidence : volume 2

89. Quality of judicial organisation and checks and balances

90. Nordic law - between tradition and dynamism

91. African challenge to global death penalty abolition. International human rights norms in local perspective

92. Terrorism and anti-terror legislation : the terrorised legislator ?

93. Religious symbols in public functions : a comparative analysis of Dutch, English and French justifications for limiting the freedom of public officials to display religious symbols

94. Using human rights to change tradition : traditional practices harmful to women's reproductive health in sub-Saharan africa

95. Letter of intent in international contracting

96. Regulation of and by pharmacists in the Netherlands and Belgium : an economic approach

97. Plurality and diversity of family relations in Europe

98. Police reform and human rights : opportunities and impediments in post-communist societies

99. Property law perspectives II

100. Property law perspectives III