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1. Applied legal pluralism : processes, driving forces and effects

2. Civil Liability for Artificial Intelligence and Software

3. Contemporary issues in finance and insolvency law

4. Fair trial rights and multilingualism in Africa : perspectives from comparable jurisdictions

5. Private international law and arbitral jurisdiction

6. Redesigning justice for plural societies : case studies of minority accommodation from around the globe

7. Routledge handbook of election law

8. The making of the civil codes : a twenty-first century perspective

9. Towards a four-tiered model of mediation : against the background of a narrative of social sub-systems in everlasting cross-fertilization

10. Transboundary heritage and intellectual property law : safeguarding intangible cultural heritage

11. AI on trial

12. Advanced artificial intelligence and robo-justice

13. Advanced introduction to cybersecurity law

14. Allegiance, citizenship and the law : the enigma of belonging

15. The Art and Craft of Judgment Writing

16. Artificial intelligence : law and regulation

17. Banking regulation in Africa : the case of Nigeria and other emerging economies

18. Blurry boundaries of public and private international law : towards convergence or divergent still ?

19. Cases and materials European Union law

20. Causa contractus : auf der Suche nach den Bedingungen der Wirksamkeit des vertraglichen Willens = Alla ricerca delle condizioni dell'efficacia della volontà contrattuale = À la recherche des conditions de l'éfficacité de la volonté contractuelle

21. Changing law in developing countries

22. Children's access to justice : a critical assessment

23. Common law, civil law : the great divide?

24. Comparative Constitutional Law in Africa

25. Comparative contract law : an introduction

26. Comparative election law

27. Conflict of laws : a comparative approach (texts and cases)

28. Constitutional idolatry and democracy : challenging the infatuation with writtenness

29. Courthouse architecture, design and social justice

30. Courts and judicial activism under crisis conditions : policy making ina time of illiberalism and emergency constitutionalism

31. Criminalization of activism : historical, present and future perspectives

32. Crossroads of insolvency and arbitration

33. Cybercrimes and financial crimes in the global era

34. Democracy after Covid : challenges in Europe and beyond

35. Derivatives regulation : rules and reasoning from Lehman to Covid

36. Desistance from sexual offending : the role of circles of support and accountability

37. Determann’s field guide to data privacy law : international corporate compliance

38. Diversity and inclusion in the legal profession

39. Effective enforcement of creditors' rights

40. Effective protection of the rights of the accused in the EU directives : a computable approach to criminal procedure law

41. Elections, violence and transitional justice in Africa

42. Emerging military technologies : ethical and legal perspectives

43. Enforcing ecocide : power, policing & planetary militarization

44. Environment, climate, and social justice : perspectives and practices from the Global South

45. Environmental constitutionalism in the anthropocene : values, principles and actions

46. Environmental courts and tribunals : powers, integrity and the search for legitimacy

47. Essentials in cybercrime : a criminological overview for theory and practice

48. Exploring Norms and Family Laws across the Globe

49. Foundations of public contracts : a comparative view

50. Free speech : a global history from Socrates to social media

51. Frontiers in civil justice : privatisation, monetisation and digitisation

52. Fundamentals of environmental law and compliance

53. Gender, judging and the courts in Africa : selected studies

54. Global animal Law research : strategies and resources

55. Global pandemic, security and human rights : comparative explorations of Covid-19 and the law

56. Global pandemic, technology and business : comparative explorations of COVID-19 and the law

57. Global sales and contract law

58. Governing groundwater : between law and practice

59. Green Banking and Green Central Banking

60. Hashtag jurisprudence : terror and legality on Twitter

61. Histories of legal aid : a comparative and international perspective

62. History of design and design law : an international and interdisciplinary perspective

63. House rules : Changing families, evolving norms, and the role of the law

64. Human dignity and democracy in Europe : synergies, tensions and crises

65. Human rights behind bars : tracing vulnerability in prison population across continents from a multidisciplinary perspective

66. Image et droit : du ius imaginis au droit à l'image

67. Implementing business and human rights norms in Africa : law and policy interventions

68. In the shadow of transitional justice : cross-national perspectives on the transformative potential of remembrance

69. Insurance and human rights

70. Intellectual property in the conflict of laws : the hidden conflict-of-law rule in the principle of national treatment

71. Interdisciplinary approaches to climate change for sustainable growth

72. International construction disputes : a practitioner's guide

73. International copyright law : a practical global guide

74. International insolvency and finance law : legal constants in times of crises

75. International succession

76. Internet law : a concise guide to regulation around the world

77. Introduction to South Pacific Law

78. Judgment : new trajectories in law

79. Judicial review of commercial contracts : a comparative handbook

80. Justice without litigation : non-contentious proceedings by notaries in the European Union

81. Land law and disputes in Asia : in search of an alternative for development

82. Law and Migration in a Changing World

83. Law and artificial intelligence : regulating AI and applying AI in legal practice

84. Law and technology in a global digital society : autonomous systems, Big Data, IT Security and Legal Tech

85. Law and veganism : international perspectives on the human right to freedom of conscience

86. Legal Aspects of Cruises

87. Legal data and information in practice

88. Liability of financial supervisors and resolution authorities

89. Litigating women : gender and justice in Europe, c.1300-c.1800

90. Medical liability in Asia and Australasia

91. Military operation and engagement in the domestic jurisdiction : comparative call-out laws

92. Normativity and diversity in family law : lessons from comparative law

93. Novel beings : regulatory approaches for a future of new intelligent life

94. Oppressed by debt : government and the justice system as a creditor of the poor

95. Orders without borders : direct enforcement of foreign restraint and confiscation decisions

96. Pandemic surveillance : privacy, security, and data ethics

97. The Partner Remuneration Handbook

98. Patent law and women : tackling gender bias in knowledge governance

99. Patent litigation in Germany, Japan and the United States : a practitioner's guide

100. Political, economic and legal effects of artificial intelligence : governance, digital economy and society