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1. Climate change litigation : global perspectives

2. Courts in evolving societies : sino-european dialogue between judges and academics

3. Wine law and policy : from national terroirs to a global market

4. Migration and islamic ethics: issues of residence, naturalisation and citizenship

5. Counterterrorism law and practice in the east african community

6. Discours sur les méthodes du droit international privé (des formes juridiques de l’inter-altérité)

7. National styles in science, diplomacy, and science diplomacy

8. Sustainable development goals in Southeast Asia and ASEAN : national and regional approaches

9. Le fondement de l'’effet des jugements étrangers

10. The right to development : sustainable development and the practice of good governance

11. The ubiquity of positive measures for addressing systemic discrimination and inequality : a comparative global perspective

12. Planning for death : wills and death-related property arrangements in Europe, 1200-1600

13. The human right to water in Latin America : challenges to implementation and contribution to the concept

14. The sovereign and the prophets : Spinoza on Grotian and Hobbesian biblical argumentation

15. A Europe of courts, a Europe of factions : political groups at early modern centres of power (1550-1700)

16. Imago decidendi : on the common law of images

17. Marxism and criminology : a history of criminal selectivity

18. The company in law and practice : did size matter? (Middle Ages - nineteenth century)

19. Freedom of religion in the 21st century : a human rifhts perspective on the relation between politics and religion

20. Regulatory property rights : the transforming notion of property in transnational business regulation

21. The role of the state in migration control : the legitimacy gap and moves towards a regional model

22. Democracy, emergency, and arbitrary coercion : a liberal Republican view

23. Networks and trans-cultural exchange : slave trading in the South Atlantic, 1590-1867

24. East european faces of law and society : values and practices

25. Formalisation and flexibilisation in dispute resolution

26. Revolt against authority

27. Land, law and politics in Africa : mediating conflict and reshaping the state

28. State-religion relationships and human rights law : towards a right to religiously neutral governance

29. Africa yearbook : politics, economy and society South of the Sahara

30. Enforcement in the international context