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1. Global animal law from the margins : international trade in animals and their bodies

2. Queer victimology : understanding the victim experience

3. Robotics, AI and criminal law : crimes againts robots

4. Routledge handbook of commercial space law

5. Applied legal pluralism : processes, driving forces and effects

6. Bank insolvency law in developing economies

7. Comparative and transnational dispute resolution

8. Contemporary issues in finance and insolvency law

9. Corporate governance and IFRS in the Middle East : compliance with international financial reporting standards

10. Corporate regulation for climate change mitigation in Africa : a case for dilute interventionism

11. Discrimination and employment law : international legal perspectives

12. Efficiency and bureaucratisation of criminal justice : global trends

13. Fair trial rights and multilingualism in Africa : perspectives from comparable jurisdictions

14. Gender, constitutions, and equality : a global comparison

15. Greening the civil codes : comparative private law and environmental protection

16. Indirect judicial review in administrative law : legality vs legal certainty in Europe

17. Judicial responsibility and coups d’état : judging against unconstitutional usurpation of power

18. Justice after stonewall : LGBT life between challenge and change

19. Justifying violent protest : law and morality in democratic states

20. Law, ethics and emerging military technologies : confronting disruptive innovation

21. Law, regulation and governance in the information society : informational rights and informational wrongs

22. Local energy communities : emergence, places, organizations, decision tools

23. Mining law and governance in Africa : transformation and innovation for a sustainable mining sector

24. Murder, wrongful conviction, and the law : an international comparative analysis

25. Private international law and arbitral jurisdiction

26. Redesigning justice for plural societies : case studies of minority accommodation from around the globe

27. Regulating the metaverse : a critical assessment

28. Regulation of debt collection in Europe : understanding informal debt collection practices

29. Routledge handbook of election law

30. The Routledge handbook of women's experiences of criminal justice

31. Social and economic rights in Africa : international and public law perspectives

32. Social media, fundamental rights and courts : a european perspective

33. Transboundary heritage and intellectual property law : safeguarding intangible cultural heritage

34. The law of securitisations : from crises to techno-sustainability

35. Banking regulation in Africa : the case of Nigeria and other emerging economies

36. Changing law in developing countries

37. Comparative contract law : an introduction

38. Courthouse architecture, design and social justice

39. Courts and judicial activism under crisis conditions : policy making ina time of illiberalism and emergency constitutionalism

40. Criminalization of activism : historical, present and future perspectives

41. Desistance from sexual offending : the role of circles of support and accountability

42. Elections, violence and transitional justice in Africa

43. Environmental constitutionalism in the anthropocene : values, principles and actions

44. Gender, judging and the courts in Africa : selected studies

45. Global pandemic, security and human rights : comparative explorations of Covid-19 and the law

46. Global pandemic, technology and business : comparative explorations of COVID-19 and the law

47. Implementing business and human rights norms in Africa : law and policy interventions

48. In the shadow of transitional justice : cross-national perspectives on the transformative potential of remembrance

49. International insolvency and finance law : legal constants in times of crises

50. Judgment : new trajectories in law

51. Land law and disputes in Asia : in search of an alternative for development

52. Legal data and information in practice

53. Litigating women : gender and justice in Europe, c.1300-c.1800

54. Oppressed by debt : government and the justice system as a creditor of the poor

55. Patent law and women : tackling gender bias in knowledge governance

56. Power and pluralism in international law

57. Power, race, and justice : the restorative dialogue we will not have

58. Regulating artificial intelligence in industry

59. Restoring justice : an introduction to restorative justice

60. The Routledge handbook of african law

61. Routledge handbook of comparative constitutional change

62. The Routledge handbook of comparative territorial autonomies

63. Routledge handbook of law and the COVID-19 pandemic

64. Youth climate courts : how you can host a human rights trial for people and planet

65. The conflict in Syria and the failure of international law to protect people globally : mass atrocities enforced disappearances and arbitrary detentions

66. A hIstory of business cartels : international politics, national policies and anti-competitive behaviour

67. The law and politics of unconstitutional constitutional amendments in Asia

68. The law and practice of extradition

69. The law of obligations in central and southeast Europe : recodification and recent developments

70. The limits of criminological positivism : the movement for criminal law reform in the West, 1870-1940

71. The right to privacy revisited : different international perspectives

72. "Crossover" Children in the youth justice and child protection systems

73. Banking bailout law : a comparative study of the United States, United Kingdom and the European Union

74. Big data, political campaigning and the law : democracy and privacy in the age of micro-targeting

75. COVID-19 and human rights

76. Convict cCriminology for the future

77. Crime and punishment in the future internet : digital frontier technologies and criminology in the twenty-first century

78. Criminology and democratic politics

79. Criminology in brief : understanding crime and criminal justice

80. Data : new trajectories in law

81. Discrimination, Vulnerable Consumers and Financial Inclusion

82. Disrupting copyright : how disruptive innovations and social norms are challenging IP law

83. Environmental justice and oil pollution laws : comparing enforcement in the United States and Nigeria

84. Executive clemency : comparative and empirical perspectives

85. Expanding perspectives on human rights in Africa

86. Gender, poverty and access to justice policy : implementation in Sub-Saharan Africa

87. Gender, transitional justice and memorial arts : global perspectives on commemoration and mobilization

88. Intellectual property and the law of ideas

89. Judging and emotion : a socio-legal analysis

90. Law and the christian tradition in Scandinavia : the writings of great nordic jurists

91. Law and the kinetic environment : regulating dynamic landscapes

92. Law, property and disasters : adaptive perspectives from the Global South

93. Law, religion, and freedom : conceptualizing a common right

94. Law, violence and constituent power : the law, politics and history of constitution making

95. Legal services and sigital infrastructures : a new compass for better governance

96. Military courts, civil-military relations, and the legal battle for democracy : the politics of militaru justice

97. Mineral mining in Africa : legal and fiscal regimes

98. Natural resources and the environment : economics, law, politics, and institutions

99. Nordic histories of human rights

100. Policing global regions : the legal context of transnational law enforcement cooperation