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1. "Crossover" Children in the youth justice and child protection systems

2. "Devoir de punir ?" : le système pénal face à la protection internationale du droit à la vie

3. "Discovery" arbitral

4. "Mon corps, mes droits !" L'avortement menacé : panorama socio-juridique : France, Europe, États-Unis

5. L'"amicus curiae", vers un principe commun de droit procédural?

6. Un "codice tipo" di procedura civile per l'America Latina

7. La "main visible" = The "Visible Hand" : perspectives européennes et globales sur la régularition des marchés financiers et la gouvernance économique = European and global perspectives on financial market regulation and economic governance

8. La "nexus of contracts" theory : teorie e visioni del diritto societario

9. The "private" in private international law

10. La "prova migliore" : una ricerca di diritto comparato

11. 'Ökonomischer Patriotismus' in Zeiten regionaler und internationaler Integration : zur Problematik staatlicher Aufsicht über grenzüberschreitende Unternehmensübernahmen

12. (On)geoorloofdheid van het draagmoederschap in rechtsvergelijkend perspectief : Europees personen- en familienrecht

13. Post-employment covenants in employment relationships

14. 1 : 30 settembre - 3 ottobre 1950

15. Bd. 1 : Abhandlung

16. 1940s-1960s : classical regional integration

17. 1970s-1980s : revisions of classical regional integration

18. 1990s- : the new regionalism

19. 2000-2010 : comparative regionalism

20. 2008 l'année du krach

21. The 2016 EU justice scoreboard

22. 3 : Venezia, 12-15 Aprile 1962

23. Bd.2 : Texte der zitierten Rechtsnormen und amerikanischen Restatements

24. A critical history of financial crises : why would politicians and regulators spoil financial giants?

25. A partir de l'exemple malgache

26. A procedural law for all seasons : from Charles V to the third millennium ; Colloquium Gent 25-28 April 2000 = Een procesrecht voor alle tijden

27. ADR tra mediazione e diritti : profili comparatistici

28. Abschlussprüfer, Unabhängigkeit und Netzwerke

29. Abus de droit et bonne foi

30. Abuse of companies

31. Abuse of procedural rights : comparative standards of procedural fairness; international colloquium 27 - 30 October 1998, Tulane Law School, New Orleans, Louisiana

32. Abuse of rights in international arbitration

33. Abusive practices in competition law

34. Abwehrmassnahmen gegen ausländische Prozesse im Internationalen Zivilverfahrensrecht der Schweiz

35. Access to civil procedure abroad

36. Access to justice : the role of court administrators and lay adjudicators in the African and Islamic contexts

37. Access to justice and the judiciary : towards new European standards of affordability, quality and efficiency of civil adjudication

38. Access to justice and the welfare state

39. Access to justice in arbitration : concept, context and practice

40. Access to justice in environmental matters and the Role of NGOs : empirical findings and legal appraisal

41. Access to knowledge in the age of intellectual property

42. Accessories in Private Law

43. Accountability in extraterritoriality : a comparative and international law perspective

44. Accountability in the contemporary constitution

45. Achieving open justice through citizen participation and transparency

46. Act and crime : the philosophy of action and its implications for criminal law

47. Actes du Congrès international de droit privé : tenu à Rome en juillet 1950

48. Actualité et évolutions comparées du droit allemand et français des sociétés

49. Adjudicatory authority in private international law : a comparative study

50. Administrative action and procedures in comparative law

51. Administrative justice in context

52. Administrative law and governance in Asia : comparative perspectives

53. Administrative law and judicial deference

54. Administrative law of the European Union, its member states and the United States : a comparative analysis

55. Administrative sanctions in the European Union

56. Administrative tribunals and adjudication

57. Advanced introduction to comparative constitutional law

58. Advanced introduction to comparative constitutional law

59. Advanced introduction to landmark criminal cases

60. Advanced introduction to law and artificial intelligence

61. Advanced introduction to private international law and procedure

62. Advances in political economy : institutions modelling and empirical analysis

63. Advancing civil justice reform and conflict resolution in Africa and Asia : comparative analyses and case studies

64. Affirmative action policies and judicial review worldwide

65. Afrasia : a tale of two continents

66. Africa : beyond recovery

67. Africa yearbook : politics, economy and society South of the Sahara

68. Africa's management in the 1990s and beyond : reconciling indigenous and transplanted institutions

69. African challenge to global death penalty abolition. International human rights norms in local perspective

70. African customary law : an introduction

71. The African human rights system, activist forces, and international institutions

72. African institutions : challenges to political, social, and economic foundations of Africa's development

73. African legal theory and contemporary problems : critical essays

74. African migration, human rights and literature

75. An African path to disability justice : community, relationsships and obligations

76. African sexualities : a reader

77. After Enron : improving corporate law and modernising securities regulation in Europe and the US

78. After secular law

79. After universalism : re-engineering access to justice

80. Against intellectual monopoly

81. Agency law in commercial practice

82. Aggregation and divisibility of damage

83. Agriculture and the polluter pays principle

84. Air passenger rights : ten years on

85. Aircraft Operating Leasing

86. Aircraft operating leasing : a legal and practical analysis in the context of public and private international air law

87. Aktuelle Entwicklungen des Bankgeheimnisses im Rechtsvergleich unter besonderer Berücksichtigung seiner exterritorialen Wirkungen : Deutschland, Luxemburg, Österreich, Schweiz und Liechtenstein

88. Aktuelle Entwicklungen des europäischen und internationalen Zivilverfahrensrechts : ein Forschungsbericht

89. Aktuelle Entwicklungen im deutschen, österreichischen und schweizerischen Gesellschafts- und Kapitalmarktrecht 2012 : [Symposium am Hamburger Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht im Mai 2011]

90. Alcuni problemi sui diritti della personalità : Giornate giuridiche Italo-jugoslave (Roma, Firenze, Milano, Como 7-16 maggio 1963), promosse dall'Unione delle Associazioni dei giuristi jugoslavi e della Sezione giuridica del Centro Nazionale di prevenzione e difesa sociale

91. Algorithmic regulation and personalized law : a handbook

92. All's well that ends registered? : the substantive and private international law aspects of non-marital registered relationships in Europe : a comparison of the laws of Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom

93. Allegiance, citizenship and the law : the enigma of belonging

94. Alternative Streitbelegungsmechanismen, insbesondere Mediation : 51. Tagung der DACH in Strasbourg vom 18. bis 20. September 2014

95. Alternative dispute resolution : negotiation and mediation

96. Alternative dispute resolution and domestic violence : women, divorce and alternative justice

97. Alternative dispute resolution e garanzia di accesso alla giustizia : nuove forme di tutela nello Stato di diritto

98. Alternative investment fund regulation

99. The American Journal of Comparative Law

100. Der Amicus Curiae im Internationalen Wirtschaftsrecht : eine rechtsvergleichende Untersuchung des U.S.-amerikanischen, deutschen, europäischen Welthandels- und Investitionsschutzrechts sowie der Principles of Transnational Civil Procedure