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1. ASEAN law and regional integration : governance and the rule of law in southeast Asia’s single market

2. Accountability, international business operations and the law : providing justice for corporate human rights violations in global value chains

3. Development-induced displacement and human rights in Africa : the Kampala convention

4. Marine pollution, shipping waste and international law

5. Freedoms of navigation in the Asia-Pacific region : strategic, political and legal factors

6. Labour rights and the catholic church : the international labour organisation, the holy see and catholic social teaching

7. International investment protection within Europe : the EU's assertion of control

8. Human rights and the revision of refugee law

9. National security review of foreign investment : a comparative legal analysis of China, the United States and the European Union

10. The third pillar of international climate change policy : on 'loss and damage' after the Paris Agreement

11. Emerging pathogens at the poles : disease and international trade law

12. Christianity and global law

13. The presumption of innocence in international human rights and criminal law

14. The ecological constitution : reframing enviromental law

15. The humanitarian fix : navigating civilian protection in contemporary wars

16. International corporate personhood : business and the bodyless in international law

17. Persecution, international refugee law and refugees : a feminist approach

18. Decolonizing law : indigenous, third world and settler perspectives

19. Reciprocity and China's transboundary waters : the law of international watercourses

20. Earth system law : standing on the precipice of the anthropocene

21. Regulating the use of force by United Nations peace support operations : balancing promises and outcomes

22. State territory and international law

23. From environmental to ecological law

24. Ecological law and the planetary crisis : a legal guide for harmony on Earth

25. Genocide and victimology

26. Global justice in East Asia

27. Humanitarian intervention, colonialism, islam and democracy : an analysis through the human-nonhuman distinction

28. The Origin of Copyright : expression as knowing in being and copyright onto-epistemology

29. International law and global governance : treaty regimes and sustainable development goals implementation

30. Non-state rules in international commercial law : contracts, legal authority and application

31. Human rights monitoring and implementation : how to make rights "real" in children's lives

32. Indigenous legal judgments : bringing indigenous voices into judicial decision making

33. Intellectual property law and access to medicines : trips agreement, health, and pharmaceuticals

34. Environmental protection, China and international trade : greening the WTO ban on chinese export duties

35. Occupation and control in international humanitarian law

36. River basin organizations in water diplomacy

37. The use of biodiversity in international law : a genealogy of genetic gold

38. Responding to mass atrocities in Africa : protection first and justice later

39. Uniting green criminology and earth jurisprudence

40. Law of the sea in South East Asia : environmental, navigational and security challenges

41. China's maritime boundaries in the South China Sea : historical and international law perspectives

42. Intellectual and cultural property : between market and community

43. Maritime and territorial disputes in the South China sea : faces of power and law in the age of China's rise

44. Maritime safety in Europe : a comparative approach

45. Assisted suicide and the European Convention on Human Rights

46. Non-governmental organisations and the United Nations human rights system

47. Environmental justice as decolonization : political contention, innovation and resistance over indigenous fishing rights in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States

48. Freedom of navigation and the law of the sea : warships, states and the use of force

49. A cultural interpretation of the genocide convention

50. International investment law and gender equality : stabilization clauses and foreign investment