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1. Cosmopolitanism, state sovereignty and international law and politics : a theory

2. Decolonising restorative justice : a case of policy reform

3. Human rights and development

4. Public international law

5. Reflections on the future of human rights

6. Reimagining the international legal order

7. The Routledge handbook of heritage destruction

8. The Routledge handbook of polar law

9. The law of the sea and maritime boundary disputes in areas of hydrocarbon potential : a review of global hot spots

10. Les 3 cours régionales des droits de l'homme in context : la justince qui n'allait pas de soi

11. A Practitioner's Guide to the European Convention on Human Rights

12. Abkehr vom Multilateralismus – Internationales Recht in Gefahr?

13. Advanced introduction to international food law

14. Alternative dispute resolution and tax disputes

15. Art and human rights : a multidisciplinary approach to contemporary issues

16. Asile et migrations : quelles solidarités ? Quelles responsabilités ?

17. Atrocity crimes, children and international criminal courts : killing childhood

18. Aust's modern treaty law and practice

19. Autonomous vessels in maritime affairs : law and governance implications

20. Biodiversity litigation

21. Biosafety measures, technology risks and the World Trade Organization : thriving and surviving in the age of biotech

22. Blackstone's international human rights documents

23. The Cambridge companion to the international court of justice

24. Children’s environmental rights under international and EU law : the changing face of fundamental rights in pursuit of ecocentrism

25. China's foreign investment law in the new normal. : framing the trajectory and dynamics

26. China's law of the sea : the new rules of maritime order

27. Choices, limits and consequences of harmonisation of commercial law : the circle of law harmonisation

28. Classifying genocide in international law : the substantiality requirement

29. Climate litigation in a changing world

30. Climate migration governance and the discourse of citizenship in India

31. Conflits d'usage en mer : regards croisés sur la nécessaire conciliation des activités humaines dans les eaux européennes

32. Constitutionalizing transitional justice : how constitutions and constitutional courts deal with past atrocity

33. Contemporary international criminal law issues : contributions in pursuit of accountability for Africa and the world

34. Contentieux du droit communautaire africain : le juge national et le contentieux des normes communautaires de l'UEMOA

35. Crimes et châtiments dans l'aire atlantique (1827-1841) : une anthologie

36. Cultural property : a legal research guide

37. Culture and international trade law : from conflict to coordination

38. Curso de Direito Internacional Público

39. Curso de direito internacional : doutrina, legislação e jurisprudência

40. Cyber-espionage in international law : silence speaks

41. Cyberattaques et droit international public : de la négociation entre Etats à l'intégration des acteurs privés pour parvenir à la cyberpaix ?

42. Decolonisation and legal knowledge : reflections on power and possibility

43. Defensive relativism : the use of cultural relativism in international legal practice

44. Defizite und Chancen - was trägt das Völkerrecht zur Lösung territorialer Konflikte bei? : eine Analyse am Fallbeispiel der Krim

45. Democracy and sovereignty : rethinking the legitimacy of public international law

46. Demystifying modern slavery

47. Denationalisation and its discontents : citizenship revocation in the 21st century: legal, political and moral implications

48. Denial of genocides in the twenty-first century

49. Domesticating international criminal law : reflections on the Italiand and German experiences

50. Droit OHADA et responsabilité sociétale des entreprises : un processus d'actualisation indispensable

51. Droit du commerce international

52. Droit européen et international des droits de l'homme

53. Droit international et constitutions dans des états post-conflits

54. Droit international et européen de l'environnement

55. Droits sans frontières : géopolitique de l'extraterritorialité

56. Due diligence in international law

57. EMKR : Europäische Menschenrechtskonvention

58. EU trade defence law and practice : an introduction

59. Die Einhegung der Investor-Staat-Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit

60. Encyclopedia of ocean law and policy in Asia-Pacific

61. Environmental human rights : new thinking from Latin America and the Caribbean

62. The European Convention of Human Rights regime : reform of immigration and minority policies from Afar

63. The European Convention on human rights and its impact on national private lawLAW

64. The European union and international investment law : the two dimensions of an uneasy relationship

65. Fact-finding in international arbitration : the emergence of a transnational lex evidentiae

66. Fair and equitable treatment and the rule of law

67. Fair trial rules of evidence : the case law of the Europeant Court of Human Right

68. Fairness and the goals of international criminal trials : finding a balance

69. Feminist Theory and International Law

70. Frontiers – Law, theory and cases

71. General principles of the European Convention on Human Rights

72. Global climate change and U.S. law

73. Global governance, human rights and international law : combating the tragic flaw

74. Gubernanz des staatsfreien Raums : eine Untersuchung zu strukturellen Veränderungen des Völkerrechts unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Tiefseebergbauregimes

75. Génocidaire(s) : au coeur de la justice internationale pénale

76. Handbook of energy law in the low-carbon transition

77. Handbook on the European Convention on Human Right

78. Die Herrschaft des Europäischen Gerichtshofs für Menschenrechte im Verfahrensrecht der Europäischen Menschenrechtskonvention

79. Hugo Grotius and the century of revolution, 1613-1718 : transnational reception in english political thought

80. Human rights in criminal law

81. Human rights on the edge : the future of international human rights law and practice

82. Humanitäres Völkerrecht

83. Individual criminal responsibility for autonomous weapons systems in international criminal law

84. The Inter American Court of Human Rights : the legitimacy of international courts and tribunals

85. The International Criminal Court and the responsibility to protect

86. International Investment Law and General International Law : radiating effects?

87. International conflict and security law

88. International criminal law - a counter-hegemonic project?

89. International criminal tribunals and domestic accountability : in the court's shadow

90. International human rights : a survey

91. International law

92. International law and sea-dumped chemical weapons

93. International law and the relationality of states : a critique of theories of recognition

94. International monetary and banking law post Covid-19

95. Interrogating the morality of human rights

96. Introduction to international human rights law

97. Investment protection standards and the rule of law

98. Islands, law and context : the treatment of islands in international law

99. Kritische Theorien der Internationalen Beziehungen

100. Laurent Gbagbo‘s trial and the indictment of the international criminal court : a pan-african victory