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1. "A problem from hell" : America and the age of genocide

2. Die "Auffassungen" des UN-Menschenrechtsausschusses zum Schutze der Religionsfreiheit

3. Die "Corruption Defence" des Gaststaats in internationalen Investitionsschiedsverfahren

4. "Crimes against peace" and international law

5. Der "DARIO" : Artikelentwurf über die Verantwortlichkeit Internationaler Organisationen : eine kritische Analyse

6. Die "Kultur des Friedens" - Thema der universalen Verfassungslehre : oder : das Prinzip Frieden

7. "Mens Rea" at the International Criminal Court

8. "They can live in the desert but nowhere else" : a history of the armenian genocide

9. The "ecosystem approach" in international environmental law : genealogy and biopolitics

10. Der "margin of appreciation" beim Europäischen Gerichtshof für Menschenrechte : eine prinzipientheoretische Rekonstruktion

11. The "war on terror" and the framework of international law

12. #HumanRights : the technologies and politics of justice claims in practice

13. 'Boat refugees' and migrants at sea : a comprehensive approach (integrating maritime security with human rights)

14. The 'civilizing mission' of portuguese colonialism, 1870-1930

15. The 'conspiracy' of free trade : the Anglo-American struggle over empire and economic globalisation, 1846-1896

16. The 'contextual elements' of the crime of genocide

17. Die 'terroristische' Handlung im Völkervertragsrecht : Möglichkeiten und Grenzen eines einheitliche

18. (Un-)bedingte Gleichheit nichtstaatlicher Gewaltakteure im Völkerrecht

19. 100 years of peace through law : past and future

20. The 10th anniversary of the Istanbul Convention : Italian – Turkish conference Pisa, 18th June 2021

21. The 1713 Peace of Utrecht and its enduring effects

22. 1914 : neutralités, neutralismes en question

23. The 1949 Geneva conventions : a commentary

24. The 1982 Law of the Sea Convention at 30 : successes, challenges and new agendas

25. The 1997 Vienna Convention on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage and the 1997 Convention on Suppleme

26. The 1998-2000 Eritrea-Ethiopia war and its aftermath in international legal perspective : from the 2000 Algiers agreements to the 2018peace agreement

27. 20 Years of the information technology agreement

28. Les 20 ans du Statut de Rome : bilan et perspectives de la Cour pénale internationale

29. Les 20 ans du tribunal international du droit de la mer

30. 20 years of the WTO : a retrospective

31. The 2003 UNESCO intangible heritage convention : a commentary

32. The 2010 Nagoya protocol on access and benefit-sharing in perspective : implications for international law and implementation challenges

33. 25 Years of the TRIPS agreement : past, present, future

34. Les 3 cours régionales des droits de l'homme in context : la justice qui n'allait pas de soi

35. Les 3 cours régionales des droits de l'homme in context : la justince qui n'allait pas de soi

36. 30 Anos da assinatura da Convenção das Nações Unidas Sobre o Direito do Mar : protecção do ambiente e o futura do direito do mar : actas da conferência internacional : Faculdade de Direito da Universidade do Porto, 15-17 de Novembro de 2012 = 30 years after the signature of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea : the protection of the environment and the future of the Law of the Sea : proceedings of the international conference : Faculty of Law, University of Porto, 15-17 November 2012

37. 30 voci per 30 diritti : liberi commenti agli articoli della Dichiarazione universale dei diritti umani

38. 30 years after : issues and representations of the Falklands War

39. 40 ans des lignes directrices de l'OCDE pour les entreprises multinationales = 40 Years of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Entreprises

40. 60 Jahre Europäische Menschenrechtskonvention : Die Konvention als "living instrument“

41. 70 Jahre Europäische Menschenrechtskonvention : Tagungsband zur Festveranstaltung

42. 70 anni di storia dell'ONU, 60 anni di Italia all'ONU

43. 70 ans après Nuremberg : juger le crime contre l'humanité

44. 70 ans après l'adoption des Conventions de Genève : le droit international humanitaire confronté

45. 70 years of human rights and the rule of law in Europe

46. A contribution to norm conflict resolution in a fragmented international legal order : the legal relationship between the United Nations Convention against Corruption and international human rights law

47. A debt restructuring mechanism for sovereigns : do we need a legal procedure?

48. A guide to the PCA Arbitration Rules

49. A la recherche d'une définition

50. A practitioner's guide to maritime boundary delimitation

51. The ACTA and the plurilateral enforcement agenda : genesis and aftermath

52. ASEAN International Law

53. Die ASEAN Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft : Überblick für Wissenschaft und Praxis

54. ASEAN and human trafficking : case studies of Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam

55. ASEAN and power in international relations : ASEAN, the EU, and the contestation of human rights

56. ASEAN and the reform of investor-state dispute settlement : global challenges and regional options

57. ASEAN as an actor in international fora : reality, potential and constraints

58. The ASEAN comprehensive investment agreement : the regionalisation of laws and policy on foreign investment

59. The ASEAN economic community : a conceptual approach

60. ASEAN economic cooperation and integration : progress, challenges and future directions

61. ASEAN environmental legal integration : sustainable goals?

62. ASEAN law and regional integration : governance and the rule of law in southeast Asia’s single market

63. ASEAN's external agreements : law, practice and the quest for collective action

64. Das Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee (ACCC) : Institution, Legitimation, Rezeption

65. Abbreviated criminal procedures for core international crimes

66. Aboriginal peoples, colonialism and international law

67. Der Abwanderungsschutz von Kulturgütern im Lichte der Freihandelsordnungen von AEUV und GATT : zur Notwendigkeit einer Bereichsausnahme für national wertvolles Kulturgut

68. Abwesenheitsverfahren vor völkerstrafrechtlichen Tribunalen : zugleich ein Beitrag zu Grund und Grenzen des Anwesenheitsgrundsatzes

69. Die Abwicklung von Staatsbankrotten im Völkerrecht : Verrechtlichung und Rechtsvermeidung zwischen 1824 und 1907

70. Accepting assistance in the aftermath of disasters : standards for states under international law

71. Acceso a la justicia y debido proceso

72. Access to asylum : international refugee law and the globalisation of migration control

73. Access to justice and international organizations : the case of individual victimes of human rights violations

74. Access to medicines : the interface between patents and human rights. Does one size fit all ?

75. Accessibilité et participation sociale : vers und mise en œuvre del la Convention relative aux droits des personnes handicapées

76. Accessing and implementing human rights and justice : edited by Kurt Mills and Melissa Labonte

77. Accession to the World Trade Organization : a legal analysis

78. Accountability of international organizations and transnational corporations : a comparative analysis

79. Accountability, international business operations and the law : providing justice for corporate human rights violations in global value chains

80. Achieving the sustainable development goals through sustainable food systems

81. Acoustic jurisprudence : listening to the trial of Simon Bikindi

82. Actas del XIX Congreso del Instituto Internacional de Historia del Derecho Indiano : Berlín 2016

83. Actes unilatéraux des Etats et formation du droit international

84. Actors and agency in global social governance

85. Actualité des relations entre l'Union européenne et l'Organisation des Nations Unies, coopération, tensions, subsidiarité? : [actes de la] journée d'étude de l'École doctorale de droit international et européen du 20 juin 2012 [tenue au Centre Panthéon de l'Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne]

86. Actualité du droit des mers fermées et semi-fermées

87. Actualités de la gouvernance internationale de la Mer Méditerranée

88. Actualités des réserves aux traités

89. Adapting watercourse agreements to developments in international law : the case of the Itaipu treaty

90. Adding, stirring and inventing : making women matter in international law

91. Addressing corruption allegations in international arbitration

92. Addressing the intentional destruction of the environment during warfare under the Rome Statute of the International criminal court

93. Adjudicating global business in and with India : international commercial and investment disputes settlement

94. Adjudicating refugee and asylum status : the role of witness, expertise, and testimony

95. Administrative justice in the UN : procedural protections, gaps and proposals for reform

96. Adorno and the concept of genocide

97. The Adriatic territory : historical overview, landscape geography, economic, legal and artistic aspects

98. Advanced introduction to business and human rights

99. Advanced introduction to children’s rights

100. Advanced introduction to environmental compliance and enforcement