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1. "A problem from hell" : America and the age of genocide

2. "Crimes against peace" and international law

3. The 1982 Law of the Sea Convention at 30 : successes, challenges and new agendas

4. The 2010 Nagoya protocol on access and benefit-sharing in perspective : implications for international law and implementation challenges

5. Die Abwicklung von Staatsbankrotten im Völkerrecht : Verrechtlichung und Rechtsvermeidung zwischen 1824 und 1907

6. Access to asylum : international refugee law and the globalisation of migration control

7. The African Union (AU)

8. African regional trade agreements as legal regimes

9. After "Rwanda" : in search of a new ethics

10. Aktuelle Entwicklungen des Rechtsschutzes und der Streitbeilegung im Außenwirtschaftsrecht : Tagungsband zum 17. Münsteraner Außenwirtschaftsrechtstag 2012

11. Allen Dulles, the OSS, and Nazi war criminals : the dynamics of selective prosecution

12. Anzilotti et le droit international public : un essai

13. Applicable law in investor-state arbitration : the interplay between national and international law

14. Approches juridiques de la diversité culturelle = Legal Approaches to Cultural Diversity

15. Archbold international criminal courts : practice, procedure and evidence

16. 'Armed Attack' and article 51 of the UN charter : evolutions in customary law and practices

17. Armed forces and international jurisdictions

18. The Ashgate research companion to ethics and international relations

19. The Ashgate research companion to international criminal law : critical perspectives

20. Asian approaches to international law and the legacy of colonialism and imperialism : the law of the sea, territorial disputes and international dispute settlement

21. Atoll Island States and international law : climate change displacement and sovereignty

22. Ausnahmebestimmungen im Warenhandel im WTO- und EU-Recht

23. Authorities : conflicts, cooperation, and transnational legal theory

24. The BRIC states and outward foreign direct investment

25. Back to basics : state power in a contemporary world

26. Der Beitritt der Europäischen Union zur EMRK : die Auswirkung auf den Schutz der Grundrechte in Europa = The accession of the European Union to the ECHR : the impact on the protection of fundamental rights in Europe = L'adhésion de l'Union Européenne à la CEDH : l'impact sur la protection des droits fondamentaux en Europe

27. Better business regulation in a risk society

28. Between autonomy and dependence : the EU legal order under the influence of international organisations

29. Beweisverbote aus dem Fair-Trial-Prinzip des Art. 6 EMRK : der Nemo-tenetur-Grundsatz im Lichte der EMRK

30. Beyond conflict : the project on justice in times of transition : 20 years of putting experience to work for peace

31. Beyond territorial disputes in the South China Sea : legal frameworks for the joint development of hydrocarbon resources

32. Beyond the banality of evil : criminology and genocide

33. Biehler on International Law

34. Blackstone's international law documents

35. Border as method, or, The multiplication of labor

36. The Bretton Woods transcripts

37. Bridges over water : understanding transboundary water conflict negotiation and cooperation

38. Business and human rights

39. The Cape Town Convention : its application to space assets and relation to the law of outer space

40. Captured in war : lawful internment in armed conflict

41. Cassese's international criminal law

42. Chi governa il mondo?

43. Children and youth in armed conflict

44. Classification of services in the digital economy

45. Clausewitz's timeless trinity : a framework for modern war

46. Climate change and international trade

47. Climate change and the law

48. Climate change geoengineering : philosophical perspectives, legal issues, and governance frameworks

49. Code of international criminal law and procedure : Larcier law annotated 2013

50. Codice di diritto internazionale pubblico