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1. 'Boat refugees' and migrants at sea : a comprehensive approach (integrating maritime security with human rights)

2. 100 years of peace through law : past and future

3. The 1713 Peace of Utrecht and its enduring effects

4. The 1949 Geneva conventions : a commentary

5. The 1951 Convention relating to the status of refugees and its 1967 Protocol : a commentary

6. The 1972 World Heritage Convention : a commentary

7. The 1982 Law of the Sea Convention at 30 : successes, challenges and new agendas

8. 1996-1997

9. The 1998 - 2000 war between Eritrea and Ethiopia : an international legal perspective

10. 1998-1

11. 1998-2

12. The 1998-2000 Eritrea-Ethiopia war and its aftermath in international legal perspective : from the 2000 Algiers agreements to the 2018peace agreement

13. 1999-1

14. 1999-2

15. 2, Nationality and investment treaty claims, fair and equitable treatment in investment treaty law

16. 20 years of the WTO : a retrospective

17. The 2003 UNESCO intangible heritage convention : a commentary

18. The 2010 Nagoya protocol on access and benefit-sharing in perspective : implications for international law and implementation challenges

19. 25 Years of the TRIPS agreement : past, present, future

20. 3, Remedies in international investment law, emerging jurisprudence of international investment law

21. 30 Anos da assinatura da Convenção das Nações Unidas Sobre o Direito do Mar : protecção do ambiente e o futura do direito do mar : actas da conferência internacional : Faculdade de Direito da Universidade do Porto, 15-17 de Novembro de 2012 = 30 years after the signature of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea : the protection of the environment and the future of the Law of the Sea : proceedings of the international conference : Faculty of Law, University of Porto, 15-17 November 2012

22. 30 voci per 30 diritti : liberi commenti agli articoli della Dichiarazione universale dei diritti umani

23. 30 years after : issues and representations of the Falklands War

24. 350 años de la Paz de Westfalia : del antagonismo a la integración en Europa

25. 3rd International Conference on Cyber Conflict, 2011 : proceedings : 7-10 June 2011, Tallinn, Estonia

26. 40 ans des lignes directrices de l'OCDE pour les entreprises multinationales = 40 Years of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Entreprises

27. 40 years of the Vienna Convention on the law of treaties

28. 4th International Conference on Cyber Conflict, 2012 : proceedings : 5-8 June 2012, Tallinn, Estonia

29. 50 years of the New York Convention : [ICCA International Arbitration Conference, Dublin, 8 - 10 June 2008]

30. A Practitioner's Guide to the European Convention on Human Rights

31. The ACTA and the plurilateral enforcement agenda : genesis and aftermath

32. ASEAN International Law

33. ASEAN law and regional integration : governance and the rule of law in southeast Asia’s single market

34. ASEAN's external agreements : law, practice and the quest for collective action

35. Constructing sovereignty between politics and law

36. Complete international law : text, cases, and materials

37. International law : text, cases, and materials

38. Regional organisations and the development of collective security : beyond chapter VIII of the UN Charter

39. Democracy in international law-making : principles from Persian philosophy

40. The Hague Conferences and International Politics, 1898-1915

41. International intellectual property in an integrated world economy

42. International intellectual property in an integrated world economy

43. Abbreviated criminal procedures for core international crimes

44. The emerging law of forced displacement in Africa : development and implementation of the Kampala Convention on internal displacement

45. The resolution of sovereign debt crises : instruments, inefficiencies and options for the way forward

46. International investor obligations : towards individual international responsibility for the public interest in international investment law

47. Emerging issues in sustainable development : international trade law and policy

48. The protection of indigenous peoples and reduction of forest carbon emissions : the REDD-Plus regime and international law

49. The evolution of the doctrine and practice of humanitarian intervention

50. Transitional justice and the prosecution of political leaders in the Arab region : a comparative study of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen