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1. #HumanRights : the technologies and politics of justice claims in practice

2. (Un-)bedingte Gleichheit nichtstaatlicher Gewaltakteure im Völkerrecht

3. The 1997 Vienna Convention on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage and the 1997 Convention on Suppleme

4. Les 20 ans du Statut de Rome : bilan et perspectives de la Cour pénale internationale

5. The 2003 UNESCO intangible heritage convention : a commentary

6. Les 3 cours régionales des droits de l'homme in context : la justice qui n'allait pas de soi

7. 30 voci per 30 diritti : liberi commenti agli articoli della Dichiarazione universale dei diritti umani

8. Abwesenheitsverfahren vor völkerstrafrechtlichen Tribunalen : zugleich ein Beitrag zu Grund und Grenzen des Anwesenheitsgrundsatzes

9. Accessibilité et participation sociale : vers und mise en œuvre del la Convention relative aux droits des personnes handicapées

10. Advanced introduction to human dignity and law

11. Advanced introduction to international human rights law

12. Advanced introduction to international investment law

13. Advanced introduction to international trade law

14. Advanced introduction to space law

15. Advancing international human rights law responsibilities of development NGOs : respecting and fulfilling the right to reparative justice for genocide survivors in Rwanda

16. Advocating social change through international law : exploring the choice between hard and soft international law

17. Affectedness and participation in international institutions

18. Africa and international criminal justice : radical evils and the International Criminal Court

19. Africa and the backlash against international courts

20. Africa's role and contribution to international criminal justice

21. African Perspectives in International Investment Law

22. African basin management organizations : contribution to pollution prevention of transboundary water resources

23. African customary law : assessing its status and effects today

24. African perspectives on selected marine, maritime and international trade law topics

25. Anthropocene Antarctica : perspectives from the humanities, law and social sciences

26. Application of most-favoured-nation clauses by investor-state arbitral tribunals : implications for the developing countries

27. Arbitrage OHADA et prérogatives de puissance publique nationales

28. Arbitration and human rights : approaches to excluding the annulment of arbitral awards and their compatibility with the ECHR

29. Arbitration and protection of investments in energy and infrastructure sectors

30. Archipelago of justice : law in France's early modern empire

31. The Arctic : Current Issues and Challenges

32. Arctic governance

33. Armed reprisals from medieval times to 1945

34. The Attribution of Torture in the Private Sphere : an analysis of the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights and the UN Committee against torture

35. Autonomous weapons systems and international law : a study on human-machine interactions in ethically and legally sensitive domains

36. Autonomy and cooperation within the international criminal court and United Nations security council

37. Aux sources de la paix : les archives du service français de la SDN

38. The BRICS in the new international legal order on investment : reformers or disruptors

39. Balkan Yearbook of European and International Law...

40. Between democracy and law : the amorality of secession

41. Beweisfragen in der Rechtsprechung des Europäischen Gerichtshofs für Menschenrechte

42. Beyond mediation : exploring indigenous models, narratives, and contextualization

43. Bioderecho internacional y universalización : el papel de las organizaciones y los tribunales internacionales = International Biolaw and Universality: the Role of International Organizations and International Courts

44. Blue legalities : the life & laws of the sea

45. Building Blocks for the Development of an International Framework for the Governance of Space Resource Activities

46. Building a New Legal Order for the Oceans

47. Business, Human Rights and Transitional Justice

48. Cahiers de mémoire, Kigali, 2019

49. Can We Still Afford Human Rights ? : critical reflections on universality, proliferation and costs

50. Cases and materials on international law

51. Cases and materials on the law of international organizations

52. Cases and materials public international law

53. Child rights and drug control in international law

54. Chinese policy and presence in the Arctic

55. Citizenship, nationalism and refugeehood of Rohingyas in Southern Asia

56. Climate Change, Coming Soon to a Court Near You : International Climate Change Legal Frameworks, December 2020

57. Climate Change, Coming Soon to a Court Near You : Report Series Purpose and Introduction to Climate Science, December 2020

58. Climate change, resulting natural disasters and the legal responsibilityof states : an international law perspective

59. Coast guards and international maritime law enforcement

60. Codice di diritto internazionale pubblico

61. Coercive human rights : positive duties to mobilise the criminal law under the ECHR

62. Coherence and divergence in services trade law

63. Collective punishment and human rights law : addressing gaps in international law

64. Cologne Commentary on Space Law Volume II = Кёльнский комментарий к космическому праву (Том II) : Rescue Agreement, Liability Convention, Registration Convention, Moon Agreement = Соглашение о спасании, Конвенция об ответствен-ности, Конвенция о регистрации, Соглашение о Луне

65. Colonial wrongs and access to international law

66. Comentário da Carta africana dos direitos humanos e dos povos e do protocolo adicional

67. Command responsibility : holding military leaders accountable for their troops

68. Compensation for environmental damage under international law

69. Complicity and the law of international organizations : responsibility for human rights and humanitarian law violations in UN peace operations

70. Complicity in international law

71. Conflict prevention in the UN´s agenda 2030 : development, peace, justice and human rights

72. Conservation : integrating social and ecological justice

73. Constituent power and the legitimacy of international organizations : the constitution of supranationalism

74. Contemporary challenges to human rights law

75. Contractual renegotiations and international investment arbitration : a relational contract theory interpretation of investment treaties

76. Contribuciones para una teoría de los derechos humanos

77. Contruyendo los Derechos Humanos en Estrasburgo

78. La Convención sobre los derechos del niño desde la perspectiva de los derechos humanos

79. Cooperation and Engagement in the Asia-Pacific Region

80. Coopérer en droit international des cours d'eau transfrontaliers : état du droit et étude du cas chinois

81. Coordinating public and private sustainability : green energy policy, international trade law, and economic mechanisms

82. Core documents on international law 2020-21.

83. Corporate Citizen : New Perspectives on the Globalized Rule of Law

84. Corporate responsibility and human rights : global trends and issues voncerning indigenous peoples

85. La Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos mecanismos de cumplimiento e informes nacionales

86. Cour européenne des droits des l'homme et matière pénale

87. Criminal punishment and human rights : convenient morality

88. Criminal theory and international human rights law

89. Critical essays on human rights criticism

90. Cultural difference and economic disadvantage in regional human rights courts : an integrated view

91. Culture in the state reporting procedure of the UN human rights treaty bodies : how the HRC, the CESCR and the CEDAWCee use human rights as a sword to protect and promote culture, and as a shield to protect againts harmful culture

92. Curso de direito internacional público

93. Cybersecurity : Key Legal Considerations for the Aviation and Space Sectors

94. De facto states in Eurasia

95. De la legitima defensa en el ciberespacio

96. Debating legal pluralism and constitutionalism : new trajectories for legal theory in the global age

97. Decolonization and Afro-feminism

98. Decolonization, sovereignty, and peacekeeping : the United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF), 1956-1967

99. Defendants and victims in international criminal justice : ensuring and balancing their rights

100. Dekoloniale Rechtskritik und Rechtspraxis