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1. The 10th anniversary of the Istanbul Convention : Italian – Turkish conference Pisa, 18th June 2021

2. The 1998-2000 Eritrea-Ethiopia war and its aftermath in international legal perspective : from the 2000 Algiers agreements to the 2018peace agreement

3. ASEAN and power in international relations : ASEAN, the EU, and the contestation of human rights

4. ASEAN law and regional integration : governance and the rule of law in southeast Asia’s single market

5. Accountability, international business operations and the law : providing justice for corporate human rights violations in global value chains

6. Advanced introduction to environmental compliance and enforcement

7. Advanced introduction to global administrative law

8. Advanced introduction to maritime law

9. Advanced introduction to the politics of international human rights

10. Africa and the decolonisation of state-religion policies

11. An African Criminal Court : The African Union's rethinking of international criminal justice

12. African peace : regional norms from the organization of African Unity to the African Union

13. After meaning : the sovereignty of forms in international law

14. After the Holocaust

15. Aliens before the European Court of Human Rights : ensuring minimum standards of human rights protection

16. Animal welfare and international trade law : the impact of the WTO seal case

17. Archives and human rights

18. Assessing a Mars agreement including human settlements

19. Asset freezing at the international criminal court and the United Nations security council : a legal protection perspective

20. Assisted suicide and the European Convention on Human Rights

21. At the frontiers of state responsibility : socio-economic rights and cooperation on migraiton

22. Atrocity Crimes, Atrocity Laws and Justice in Africa

23. Bearing witness : the human rights case against fracking and climate change

24. Beyond consent : revisiting jurisdiction in investment treaty arbitration

25. Beyond the responsibility to protect in international law : an ethics of irresponsibility

26. Biolaw and international criminal law : towards interdisciplinary synergies

27. Biological diversity and international law : challenges for the post 2020 scenario

28. Birnie, Boyle & Redgwell's international law and the environment

29. Blurred lines of responsibility and accountability : human rights abuses at mega-sporting events

30. British contributions to international law, 1915-2015 : anthology set

31. CETA investment law : article-by-article commentary

32. CETA's investment chapter : a rule of law perspective

33. The Cambridge companion to Hugo Grotius

34. The Cambridge companion to business & human rights law

35. Carbon Capture and Storage in International Energy Policy and Law

36. Cases, materials, and texts on legal problems of international economic relations

37. Challenges of international law in the asian region : an introduction

38. The Changing Ethos of Human Rights

39. Changing actors in international law

40. China's maritime boundaries in the South China Sea : historical and international law perspectives

41. Christianity and global law

42. Climate change law : an introduction

43. Climate change law, technology transfer and sustainable development

44. Climate clubs for a sustainable future : the role of international trade and investment law

45. Climate law - Current opportunities and challenges : Essays from the Official Opening of ClimLaw: Graz

46. Comity : multilateralism in the new cold war

47. Commentaries on World Trade Law

48. Commercial and military uses of outer space

49. Complying with genocide : the wolf you feed

50. Conscience of lawyers in international criminal law : the burden of doppelgängers

51. Conscience of prosecutors in international criminal law : the heart of the matter

52. Contemporary International Law of Civilized Peoples : general part : suum cuique

53. Contemporary international law and China's peaceful development

54. Corporations, accountability and international criminal law : industry and atrocity

55. Crime prevention and justice in 2030 : the UN and the universal declaration of human rights

56. Crimes against humanity : the limits of universal jurisdiction in the global south

57. Crisis narratives in international law

58. Critical issues in human rights and development

59. Critical theory and human rights : from compassion to coercion

60. Cross-border claims to cultural objects : property or heritage?

61. Crossing : how we label and react to people on the move

62. Customary international law

63. Customs Unions in the WTO. : problems with anti-dumping

64. Cynical international law?

65. Declaring a public health emergency of international concern : between international law and politics

66. Decolonizing law : indigenous, third world and settler perspectives

67. Democracy and globalization : legal and political analysis on the Eve of the 4th industrial revolution

68. Development-induced displacement and human rights in Africa : the Kampala convention

69. Digitized statecraft in multilateral treaty participation : global quasi-legislative behavior of 193 sovereign states

70. Dignity rights : courts, constitutions, and the worth of the human person

71. Diplomatic asylum : exploring a legal basis for the practice under general international law

72. The Dokdo/Takeshima dispute : South Korea, Japan and the search for a peaceful solution

73. Draft statute of the multilateral investment court

74. Droit OHADA des entreprises en difficulté : prévention-traitement-sanctions

75. Earth system law : standing on the precipice of the anthropocene

76. Ecological law and the planetary crisis : a legal guide for harmony on Earth

77. Economic cooperation between the DRC, Burundi and Rwanda : state of play and perspective. A contribution to peacebuilding in the African Great Lakes region

78. Elgar encyclopedia of human rights

79. Emerging pathogens at the poles : disease and international trade law

80. Emerging powers, global justice and international economic law : reformers of an unjust order?

81. Encounters between foreign relations law and international law bridges and boundaries

82. Energy law, climate change and the environment

83. Engagement between trade and investment : the role of PTIAs

84. Environmental justice as decolonization : political contention, innovation and resistance over indigenous fishing rights in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States

85. Environmental norms in maritime law

86. Environmental protection, China and international trade : greening the WTO ban on chinese export duties

87. Ethics, law and natural hazards : the moral imperative for international intervention post-disaster

88. The European Court of Human Rights : current challenges in historical perspective

89. European Court of Human Rights : margin of appreciation or indiscriminate rules? : (a critique of Court's use of margin of appreciation in free speach)

90. European international law traditions

91. Evil as a crime against humanity : confronting mass atrocities in a plural world

92. Evolution, evaluation and future developments in international investment law : proceedings of the 10 year anniversary conference of the international investment law centre Cologne

93. Excessive maritime claims

94. Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia : 1 June 2013 - 31 December 2018

95. Foreign direct investment in the successor states of Yugoslavia : a comparative economic geography 25 years later

96. Foreign investor misconduct in international investment law

97. Foreign states in domestic markets : sovereign wealth funds and the West

98. Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities : collected texts

99. Freedom of navigation and the law of the sea : warships, states and the use of force

100. Freedoms of navigation in the Asia-Pacific region : strategic, political and legal factors