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1. The "ecosystem approach" in international environmental law : genealogy and biopolitics

2. ASEAN and power in international relations : ASEAN, the EU, and the contestation of human rights

3. ASEAN law and regional integration : governance and the rule of law in southeast Asia’s single market

4. Aboriginal peoples, colonialism and international law

5. Accessing and implementing human rights and justice : edited by Kurt Mills and Melissa Labonte

6. Accountability, international business operations and the law : providing justice for corporate human rights violations in global value chains

7. Adding, stirring and inventing : making women matter in international law

8. Adjudicating global business in and with India : international commercial and investment disputes settlement

9. Affectedness and participation in international institutions

10. Africa and international criminal justice : radical evils and the International Criminal Court

11. African Interventionist States

12. African Union law : the emergence of a sui generis legal order

13. African customary justice : living law, legal pluralism, and public ethics

14. Akehurst's modern introduction to international law

15. Akehurst's modern introduction to international law

16. Amnesty, serious crimes and international law : global perspectives in theory and practice

17. Ancient indigenous human remains and the law

18. Anthropocene Antarctica : perspectives from the humanities, law and social sciences

19. Arbitration concerning the South China sea : Philippines versus China

20. Armed conflict and forcible displacement : individual rights under international law

21. Armed conflict and human rights law : protecting civilians and international humanitarian law

22. Armed conflict, women and climate change

23. Armed drones and globalizations in the asymmetric war on terror : challenges for the law of armed conflict and global political economy

24. Asian approaches to international law and the legacy of colonialism and imperialism : the law of the sea, territorial disputes and international dispute settlement

25. Asian perspectives on international investment law

26. Assisted suicide and the European Convention on Human Rights

27. Atrocity crimes, children and international criminal courts : killing childhood

28. Autonomous policy making by international organizations

29. Backstage practices of transnational law

30. The Bakassi dispute and the International Court of Justice : continuing challenges

31. Between democracy and law : the amorality of secession

32. Beyond human rights and the war on terror

33. Beyond humanitarian intervention : the responsibility to protect

34. Beyond the responsibility to protect in international law : an ethics of irresponsibility

35. Beyond transitional justice : transformative justice and the state of the field (or non-field)

36. Bilateral trade agreements in the Asia-Pacific : origins, evolution, and implications

37. Biosafety measures, technology risks and the World Trade Organization : thriving and surviving in the age of biotech

38. British media and the Rwandan genocide

39. Building regions : the regionalization of the world order

40. Business and human rights : from principles to practice

41. Business and human rights : history, law and policy - bridging the accountability gap

42. Business, Human Rights and Transitional Justice

43. Business, compliance and human rights law : the effectiveness of transnational private regulations for vulnerable stakeholders

44. Cases and materials on the law of international organizations

45. Causes and consequences of international conflict : data, methods and theory

46. Changing orders in international economic law : a japanese perspective

47. Child rights and international discrimination law : implementing Article 2 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

48. Children and international human rights law : the right of the child to be heard

49. Children's rights and refugee law : conceptualising children within the refugee convention

50. Children's rights and traditional values

51. Children's rights law in the global human rights landscape : isolation, inspiration, integration?

52. China's foreign investment law in the new normal. : framing the trajectory and dynamics

53. China's foreign investment legal regime : progress and limitations

54. China's maritime boundaries in the South China Sea : historical and international law perspectives

55. China's policy towards territorial disputes : the case of the South China Sea islands

56. China's policy towards the South China Sea : When geopolitics meets the law of the sea

57. China, cultural heritage, and international law

58. Christianity and global law

59. Classifying genocide in international law : the substantiality requirement

60. Climate change and human rights : an international and comparative law perspective

61. Climate change finance and international law

62. Climate change law and policy in the Middle East and North Africa region

63. Climate change law, technology transfer and sustainable development

64. Climate change negotiations : a guide to resolving disputes and faciliting multilateral cooperation

65. Climate change, migration and human rights : law and policy perspectives

66. Collective punishment and human rights law : addressing gaps in international law

67. Colonial and post-colonial constitutionalism in the commonwealth : peace, order and good government

68. Colonial legacies and the rule of law in Africa : Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Zimbabwe

69. Compensation for environmental damage under international law

70. Competing sovereignties

71. The Concept of Military Objectives in International Law and Targeting Practice

72. Conflict management, security and intervention in East Asia : third-party mediation in regional conflict

73. Conflict prevention and peace-building in post-war societies : sustaining the peace

74. Confronting cyberespionage under international law

75. Constituent power and the legitimacy of international organizations : the constitution of supranationalism

76. Constitution-making in Asia : decolonisation and state-building in the aftermath of the British Empire

77. Constitutional law and politics of secession

78. Constitutionalizing transitional justice : how constitutions and constitutional courts deal with past atrocity

79. Constructing sovereignty between politics and law

80. Constructivism and international relations : Alexander Wendt and his critics

81. Contemporary human rights challenges : the Universal declaration of human rights and its continuing relevance

82. Contest for the South China Sea

83. Coordinating public and private sustainability : green energy policy, international trade law, and economic mechanisms

84. Corporate accountability under socio-economic rights

85. Corporate power and human rights

86. Cosmopolitan justice and its discontents

87. Cosmopolitanism, state sovereignty and international law and politics : a theory

88. Counter-terrorism and the detention of suspected terrorists : preventive detention and international human rights law

89. Court delay and human rights remedies : enforcing the right to a fair hearing 'within a reasonable time'

90. Crimes of globalization

91. Criminal punishment and human rights : convenient morality

92. Criminal responsibility for the crime of aggression

93. Criminal theory and international human rights law

94. Critical approaches to genocide : history, politics and aesthetics of 1915

95. Critical approaches to international criminal law : an introduction

96. The Cuban embargo under international law : el bloqueo

97. Cultural defences at the International Criminal Court

98. Cultural diversity in international law : the effectiveness of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions

99. Cultural expertise and litigation

100. Danger, development and legitimacy in East Asian maritime politics : securing the seas, securing the state