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1. ASEAN International Law

2. Actes unilatéraux des Etats et formation du droit international

3. Adjudicating global business in and with India : international commercial and investment disputes settlement

4. Advanced introduction to children’s rights

5. Akehurst's modern introduction to international law

6. The American Convention on Human Rights : a commentary

7. Amnestiegesetze und Rule of Law im Völkerrecht : die völkerrechtliche Einhegung innerstaatlicher Amnestien: Verrechtlichung des Politischen oder Politisierung des Rechts?

8. Ancient indigenous human remains and the law

9. Armed conflict and human rights law : protecting civilians and international humanitarian law

10. Article by article : the universal declaration of human rights for a new generation

11. Autonomous weapons systems and international norms

12. Beyond imperfect justice : legality and fair labelling in international criminal law

13. Beyond transitional justice : transformative justice and the state of the field (or non-field)

14. Beyond words

15. Big data analytics and its impact on basin water agreements and international water law : a study of the Ramotswa Aquifer

16. Business and human rights : ethical, legal, and managerial perspectives

17. Business, compliance and human rights law : the effectiveness of transnational private regulations for vulnerable stakeholders

18. Business, human rights and the environment : the evolving agenda

19. Case-law and the development of international law : contributions by international Courts and Tribunals

20. Change in the law of the sea : context, mechanisms and practice

21. China's foreign investment legal regime : progress and limitations

22. Chinese contributions to international discourse of human rights

23. Climate change, sustainable development and cleantech : a pathway for developing countries

24. Climate in court : defining state obligations on global warming through domestic climate litigation

25. Climate refugees : global, local and critical approaches

26. Coastal state jurisdiction over ships in need of assistance, maritime casualties and shipwrecks

27. Colonial legacies and the rule of law in Africa : Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Zimbabwe

28. Communication médiatique de l'État et droit international : actes du colloque de Nanterre du 14 juin 2019

29. Corruption and fraud in investment arbitration : procedural and substantive challenges

30. Creation and Implementation of a Multilateral Investment Court

31. Cyberspace & Sovereignty

32. Cyprus at the European Court of Human Rights : a critical appraisal of the court’s jurisprudence on the rights to property and home in the context of displacement

33. Defeating Impunity : attempts at international justice in Europe since 1914

34. Democracy in international law-making : principles from Persian philosophy

35. El Derecho Internacional de la Justicia Transicional

36. Dignity and international human rights law : an introduction to the Punta del Este declaration on human dignity for everyone everywhere

37. Disability law and human rights : theory and practice

38. Discapacidad en la ONU : trabajo de los órganos de seguimiento de tratados de derechos humanos en materia de discapacidad

39. Droit de l'air et de l'espace

40. Droit international public

41. Duality of Responsibility in International Law : The Individual, the State, and International Crimes

42. Due diligence and the high seas

43. EU law and international investment arbitration : the compatibility of ISDS in Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) and the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) with the autonomy of EU Law

44. Emerging issues in sustainable development : international trade law and policy

46. Extraordinary chambers in the courts of Cambodia : 16 November 2018

47. Fairness and rights in international criminal procedure

48. Fighting machines : autonomous weapons and human dignity

49. Flexible regional economic integration in Africa : lessons and implications for the multilateral trading system

50. Foreign investment law and disputes : including China, Europe, and North America