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1. Equality and discrimination under international law

2. Yugoslavia : collapse, war, crimes

3. Human rights

4. Terrorism, politics and law : the Achille Lauro affair

5. A miracle, a universe : settling accounts with torturers

6. International protection of human rights

7. Refugee protection : tenth anniversary of Poland's accession to the Geneva Convention

8. The relevance of international law

9. International cybersecurity : legal & policy proceedings 2010

10. The moulding of international law : ten Dutch proponents

11. Report of the 74th Conference held in The Hague, 15-19 August 2010

12. Théories et réalités en droit international public

13. Conclusions on the international protection of refugees

14. Droit international et droit français : Contentieux des droits de l'homme

15. Women as asylum seekers : a legal handbook

16. Refugees : a review of the situation since September 1938

17. National minority standards : a compilation of OSCE and Council of Europe texts

18. Asylum and the European convention on human rights

19. The position of aliens in relation to the European Convention on Human Rights

20. Emergency return : principles and guidelines

21. International human rights law, international humanitarian law, refugee law : Geneva from early origins to the 21st century

22. Indirect expropriation in international investment law : between State regolatory power and investor protection

23. Guantánamo : violation of human rights and international law ?

24. Conference on the promotion and protection of human rights in acute crisis : London on 11-13 February 1998 : report

25. Uncertain Haven : refugee protection on the f§rthieth anniversary of the 1951 United Nations Refugee Convention

26. Basic documents = Documents de référence

27. Review of the multilateral treaty-making process = Reexamen du processus d'établissement des traités multilatéraux

28. Beyond conflict : the project on justice in times of transition : 20 years of putting experience to work for peace

29. Study of discrimination in respect of the right of everyone to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country

30. La France face aux exigences de la Convention Européenne des Droits de l'Homme : Analyse ducontentieux judiciaire français devant la Commission et la Cour européennes

31. Rechtsfortbildung durch Investitionsschiedsgerichte : Analyse anhand der rechtlichen Bewertung von moral damages im Investitionsrecht

32. Handbook and guidelines on procedures and criteria for determining refugee status : under the 1951 Convention and the 1967 Protocol relating to the status of refugees

33. Judicial process and human rights : United Nations, European, American and African systems : texts and summaries of international case-law

34. Key extracts from a selection of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights and décisions and reports of the European Commission of Human Rights

35. La convention de Genève du 28 juillet 1951 relative au statut des réfugiés 50 ans après : bilan et perspectives

36. State crimes : punishment or pardon : papers and report of the conference, November 4-6, 1988, Wye Center, Maryland

37. The Michigan guidelines on the international protection of refugees : 1998-2007

38. Stemming the tide or keeping the balance : the role of the judiciary : 5th Conference, Wellington, octobre 2002 = Endiguer ou réguler les flux migratoires : le rôle du juge : 5ème conférence, Berne, octobre 2002

39. The realities of refugee determination on the eve of a new millennium : the role of the judiciary : 3rd conference, October 1998 = Les réalités de la détermination du statut de réfugié à l'aube du nouveau millénaire: rôle du système judiciaire

40. L'OHADA et la common law

41. The international bill of rights : the covenant on civil and political rights

42. Autonomy and cooperation within the international criminal court and United Nations security council

43. Introduction to international law

44. Les contre-mesures à travers le prisme du principe de proportionnalité : étude en droit de la paix et en droit international humanitaire

45. The peaceful management of transboundary resources

46. Principled international criminal justice : lessons from tort law

47. Property, power and politics : why we need to rethink the world power system

48. #HumanRights : the technologies and politics of justice claims in practice

49. Critical approaches to international security

50. Violence, peace & everyday modes of justice and healing in post-colonial Africa

51. Colonial wrongs and access to international law

52. The ethics of war and the force of law : a modern just war theory

53. Jacobs, White, and Ovey : the European Convention on Human Rights

54. Space debris peril : pathways to opportunities ; Capacity building in the new space era

55. Reciprocity and China's transboundary waters : the law of international watercourses

56. The Tokyo tribunal : perspectives on law, history and memory

57. Environmental Principles : From Political Slogans to Legal Rules /.

58. A research agenda for human rights

59. UN territorial administration and human rights : the mission in Kosovo

60. Non-regression in international environmental law : human rights doctrine and the promises of comparative international law

61. International environmental agreements and domestic politics : the case of acid rain

62. Advancing international human rights law responsibilities of development NGOs : respecting and fulfilling the right to reparative justice for genocide survivors in Rwanda

63. Citizenship, nationalism and refugeehood of Rohingyas in Southern Asia

64. Knowledge for peace : transitional justice and the politics of knowledge in theory and practice

65. Transforming multilateral diplomacy : the inside story of the sustainable development goals

66. The Routledge handbook of collective responsibility

67. Safeguarding children's rights in immigration law : edited by: Mark Klaassen, Stephanie Rap, Peter Rodrigues, Ton Liefaard

68. The state's power to tax in the investment arbitration of energy disputes : outer limits and the energy charter treaty

69. New Frontiers in Asia-Pacific International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

70. The United Nations declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples : a contemporary evaluation

71. Indigenous-industry agreements, natural resources, and the law

72. Routledge handbook of international environmental law

73. People, states and fear : an agenda for international security studies in the post-cold war era

74. Trends, dynamics and reform of international investment law in Africa: an ECOWAS case study