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1. ASEAN law and regional integration : governance and the rule of law in southeast Asia’s single market

2. Affective justice : the international criminal court and the pan-africanist pushback

3. Africa and the backlash against international courts

4. African perspectives on selected marine, maritime and international trade law topics

5. Asset freezing at the international criminal court and the United Nations security council : a legal protection perspective

6. At the frontiers of state responsibility : socio-economic rights and cooperation on migraiton

7. Beyond rights talk and culture talk : comparative essays on the politics of rights and culture

8. Blurred lines of responsibility and accountability : human rights abuses at mega-sporting events

9. Business and human rights

10. Comentário da Carta africana dos direitos humanos e dos povos e do protocolo adicional

11. La Conquista de América y el descubrimiento del moderno derecho internacional : estudios sobre las ideas de Francisco de Vitoria

12. Cynical international law?

13. Czech yearbook of international law

14. Define and rule : native as political identity

15. Desafíos constitucionales de los procesos migratorios en el siglo XXI

16. Development-induced displacement and human rights in Africa : the Kampala convention

17. Diritto internazionale dei diritti umani : teoria e prassi

18. Disabilità, diritti umani e diritto internazionale

19. The Dokdo/Takeshima dispute : South Korea, Japan and the search for a peaceful solution

20. Droit du contentieux international aérien

21. Défendre l'humanité en protégeant son patrimoine : un nouveau mandat pour les opérations de paix

22. Environmental justice as decolonization : political contention, innovation and resistance over indigenous fishing rights in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States

23. European human rights : taking a case under the Convention

24. European human rights : taking a case under the convention

25. Extraterritorialität : eine Kategorie des transnationalen Rechts

26. Fifty years of space law = Cinquante ans de droit de l’espace

27. Green crimes and international criminal law

28. Human rights and the concept of a human community with a shared future

29. Human rights law in Africa

30. Humanitarianism in the Asia-Pacific

31. Incorporating the UN convention on the rights of the child into national law

32. Intellectual and cultural property : between market and community

33. The Inter-American human rights system : the law and politics of institutional change

34. The International Criminal Court and peace processes in Africa : judicialising peace

35. International commercial and investor-state arbitration : Australia and Japan in regional and global contexts

36. International conservation law : the protection of plants in theory and practice

37. International disability rights advocacy : languages of moral knowledge and institutional critique

38. International investment protection within Europe : the EU's assertion of control

39. International law

40. International law and transition to peace in Colombia : assessing jus post bellum in practice

41. International law for a digitalised world

42. International trade law, including Beyond Trump, in a Nutshell

43. Law and practice of the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Social Charter

44. Lawmaking under pressure : international humanitarian law and internal armed conflict

45. Legal actions for future generations

46. Legal fictions in international law

47. Liberty, slavery and the law in early modern western Europe : omnes homines aut liberi sunt aut servi

48. Navigating the free trade-fair trade fault-lines

49. Normative Pluralism and Human Rights : Social Normativities in Conflict

50. The Palermo convention at twenty : institutional and substantive challenges

51. Principles on climate obligations of enterprises

52. Private actors in international investment law

53. Ein Realist mit Idealen : der Völkerrechtler Karl Strupp (1886-1940)

54. Refugees, democracy and the law : political rights at the margins of the state

55. Regionalizing global human rights norms in Southeast Asia

56. Reimagining pan-africanism : distinguished Mwalimu Nyerere lecture series 2009-2013

57. River basin organizations in water diplomacy

58. Routledge handbook of international law and the humanities

59. Security and law : legal and ethical aspects of public security, cyber security and critical infrastructure security

60. Security in the global commons and beyond

61. Sexual exploitation and abuse by UN peacekeepers : towards a hybrid solution

62. Terrorism and counterterrorism after the caliphate

63. Towards a new multilateralism : cultural divergence and political convergence?

64. Trade related aspects of intellectual property rights : a commentary on the TRIPS agreement

65. Transnational actors in international investment law

66. Transnational environmental law in the anthropocene : reflections on the role of law in times of planetary change

67. United Nations law, politics, and practice

68. Die Verwaltung von Kultur im Völkerrecht : eine postkoloniale Geschichte

69. L'abus de droit en droit international public

70. La catégorisation des acteurs du droit d'asile

71. Le comportement de la victime dans le droit de la responsabilité internationale

72. The construction of the customary law of peace : Latin American and the Inter-american court of human rights

73. La danse du pendule : les juristes et l'internationalisation des droits de l'homme, 1920-1939

74. La diffusion des droits fondamentaux dans l'ordre juridique interne : contribution à l'étude de la fondamentalisation des droits

75. The exercise of prosecutorial discretion at the International Criminal Court : towards a more principled approach

76. The future of global economic governance : challenges and prospects in the age of unvertainty

77. The future of work : labour law and labour market regulation in the digital era

78. Les grands textes internationaux des droits de l'homme

79. L'impact des normes de l'OIT sur la scène internationale

80. An institutional perspective on the United Nations criminal tribunals : governance, independence and impartiality

81. An introduction to the criminology of genocide

82. A legal analysis of NGOs and european civil society

83. Il mare, il pirata, il diritto. Una ricerca di filosofia del diritto internazionale

84. Emancipación de los pueblos coloniales y el derecho internacional : lección inaugural del curso 1965-1966

85. A political economy of african regionalisms : an overview of asymmetrical development

86. I principi generali del processo internazionale nella giurisprudenza della corte internazionale di giustizia

87. El principio de efectividad en derecho internacional

88. El problema de la adhesion de España a la clausula facultativa del tribunal internacional de justicia

89. L'émotion et la raison : l'Afrique face à la justice internationale