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1. Services, experiences and innovation : integrating and extending research

2. Uber―brave new service or unfair competition : legal analysis of the nature of Uber services

3. Choke points : logistics workers disrupting the global supply chain

4. Class matters : inequality and exploitation in twenty-first century Britain

5. Financial models and society : villains or scapegoats?

6. Géopolitique : comprendre les enjeux territoriaux interétatiques

7. Handbook on the international political economy of gender

8. Industrial relations of emerging economies : the quest for inclusive development

9. Law and the "sharing economy" : regulating online market platforms

10. Moral human agency in business : missing dimension in strategy as practice

11. Root-cause regulation : protecting work and workers in the twenty-first century

12. Teaching the history of economic thought : integrating historical perspectives into modern economics

13. Work : the last 1,000 years

14. World crisis and underdevelopment : a critical theory of poverty, agency, and coercion

15. The eclipse of the utopias of labor

16. The future of work : robots, AI, and automation

17. The rise of the working-class shareholder : labor's last best weapon

18. Achieving regulatory excellence

19. Creative destruction and the sharing economy : Uber as disruptive innovation

20. Decolonizing Africa and African development : the twenty-first-century Pan-Africanist challenge

21. Handbook of behavioral economics and smart decision-making : rational decision-making within the bounds of reason

22. The Oxford handbook of philosophy of economics

23. Public or private goods ? : redefining res publica

24. War by other means : geoeconomics and statecraft

25. Wealth, commerce, and philosophy : foundational thinkers and business ethics