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1. Courthouse architecture, design and social justice

2. Research handbook on law and literature

3. Algorithms and autonomy : the ethics of automated decision systems

4. Cinematic perspectives on international law

5. Handbook on space, place and law

6. Law and philosophy of language : ordinariness of law

7. Law by algorithm

8. Máquinas o abogados : los conflictos en la frontera tecnológica = Machines or lawyers : the conflicts in the technological frontier

9. Nature et souveraineté

10. Owned, an ethological jurisprudence of property : from the cave to the commons

11. Recht politikwissenschaftlich erforschen

12. Research handbook on law and emotion

13. Research handbook on modern legal realism

14. Semiotics, law & art : between theory of justice and theory of law

15. Wortgebunden : zur Verbindlichkeit von Versprechen in Recht und Literatur

16. The aesthetics of international law

17. The algorithmic society : technology, power, and knowledge

18. A dialogue between law and history : proceedings of the second international conference on facts and evidence

19. An economic analysis of public law : demos and agora

20. The law and ethics of freedom of thought : volume 1 : neuroscience, autonomy and individual rights

21. The law in Cervantes and Shakespeare

22. Le principe de précaution en droit de l'Union européenne

23. African migration, human rights and literature

24. Artificial intelligence and judicial modernization

25. Data-driven decision making : law, ethics, robotics, health