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1. Analyse économique du droit

2. An economic analysis of public law : demos and agora

3. The representational theory of capital : property rights and the reification of capital

4. Biased trials : insights from behavioral law and economics

5. Finance durable et droit : perspectives comparées

6. Law and economics as interdisciplinary exchange : philosophical, methodological and historical perspectives

7. Private law, nudging and behavioural economic analysis : the mandated-choice model

8. Property, power and politics : why we need to rethink the world power system

9. Wirtschaftliche Betrachtungsweise im Recht

10. Encyclopedia of law and economics

11. Law and macroeconomics : legal remedies to recessions

12. The code of capital : how the law creates wealth and inequality

13. History of law and economics

14. Law, economics, and game theory

15. Research handbook on behavioral law and economics

16. Resetting the international monetary (non)system : a study prepared by the United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER)

17. Il futuro del law and economics : saggi per una rimeditazione ed un ricordo

18. The great dictionary of law and economics : volume I: English-Polish

19. The roundabouts of European law and economics

20. Adam Smith als Rechtstheoretiker

21. Aspects juridiques de l'économie collaborative

22. Droit économique comparé : questions choisies

23. Economics in legal decision-making

24. Issues in law and economics

25. Just financial markets ? : finance in a just society