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1. Comparative Law

2. Interdisciplinary comparative law : rubbing shoulders with the neighbours or standing alone in a crowd

3. Rechtsvergleichung als Erkenntnismethode : historische Perspektiven vom Spätmittelalter bis ins 19. Jahrhundert

4. Advanced Introduction to Comparative Legal Methods

5. Comparative Law : Global Legal Traditions

6. Comparative methods in law, humanities and social sciences

7. Derecho comparado y digitalización

8. Droit comparé et théorie générale du droit : notes sur quelques allers-retours aporétiques

9. Metodi e comparazione giuridica

10. Rechtsvergleichung im Völkerrecht

11. Rethinking comparative law

12. Actes du congrès de Paris de 1900 : théorie générale, méthode et enseignement du droit comparé

13. Comparative law : mixes, movements, and metaphors

14. Comparative law and multicultural legal classes : challenge or opportunity?

15. Comparazione e diritto privato nella tradizione giuridica occidentale

16. Giambattista Vico e la comparazione giuridica

17. Lineamenti di diritto comparato

18. Tendenze del diritto privato in prospettiva comparatistica

19. Annotated legal dictionary for European/Islamic comparative studies, vol. 1

20. Comparative law

21. Comparative law and legal traditions : historical and contemporary perspectives

22. Introduzione al diritto comparato

23. Modern law and otherness : the dynamics of inclusion and exclusion in comparative legal thought

24. Scholarship, practice and education in comparative law : a festschrift in honour of Mary Hiscock

25. Comparative administrative law : administrative law of the European Union, its member states and the United States