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1. Erinnerungen an Unrecht : arabisch-deutsche Perspektiven

2. Women in European Academies : From Patronae Scientiarum to Path-Breakers

3. Women's International Thought : a New History

4. Armed reprisals from medieval times to 1945

5. "Rechtsräume" : historische und archäologische Annäherungen

6. Resisting persecution : jews and their petitions during the Holocaust

7. Rethinking Holocaust justice : essays across disciplines

8. Thucydides on international law and political theory

9. European small states and the role of consuls in the age of empire

10. New issues in mediating the Israel-Palestine deadlock

11. The Politics of the First World War : A Course in Game Theory and International Security

12. The faces of human rights

13. An emerging modern world : 1750-1870

14. Anti-Jewish Violence in Poland, 1914–1920

15. Authoritarianism and the elite origins of democracy

16. The Cambridge dictionary of modern world history

17. Civil wars : a history in ideas

18. Flattery and the history of political thought : that glib and oily art

19. Historians at the Frankfurt Auschwitz trial : their role as expert witnesses

20. Latin America's radical left : rebellion and Cold War in the global 1960s

21. Persian Gulf command : a history of the Second World War in Iran and Iraq

22. A Radical History of the World

23. The Roman Inquisition : Centre versus Peripheries

24. The Siege of Acre, 1189-1191 : saladin, richard the lionheart, and the battle that decided the third crusade

25. Texts and violence in the Roman world