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1. Criminal law and morality in the age of consent : interdisciplinary perspectives

2. Critical restorative justice

3. Routledge international handbook of restorative justice

4. The frontiers of public law

5. The praxis of justice : Liber Amicorum Ivo Aertsen

6. Building bridges : prisoners, crime victims and restorative justice

7. International practices of criminal justice : social and legal perspectives

8. Comparative criminal law : development - aims - methods

9. Conceptualising transnational corporate groups for international criminal law

10. Quelle(s) complémentarité(s) en droit international pénal

11. Criminal law : a comparative approach

12. Le récit de crime : retour sur un séminaire universitaire en milieu carcéral

13. Crime, punishment and migration

14. Restorative Justice

15. Social constructionist theories of crime

16. The psychology of restorative justice

17. Criminal law and human rights

18. Developing restorative justice jurisprudence : rethinking responses to criminal wrongdoing

19. Emotions, crime and justice

20. National criminal law in a comparative legal context : Vol. 1.4: introduction to national systems. National characteristics, fundamental principles, and history of criminal law. Austria, France, Russia, Uganda

21. The Oxford handbook of criminal law

22. Preventive justice

23. The codification of criminal law

24. The structure and limits of criminal law

25. The theoretical and philosophical foundations of criminal law