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1. Knowledge for peace : transitional justice and the politics of knowledge in theory and practice

2. Historical dialogue and the prevention of mass atrocities

3. Reconceiving civil society and transitional justice : lesssons from Asia and the Pacific

4. Reparations for victims of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity : systems in place and systems in the making

5. Repenser la justice transitionnelle en Afrique subsaharienne : concilier l'un et le mutliple dans la reconstruction des sociétés post-guerre civile

6. Transitional justice in comparative perspective : preconditions for success

7. The impact of human rights prosecutions : insights from European, Latin American and African post-conflict

8. Intertemporeel recht

9. Justice et réconciliation dans le Maghreb post-révoltes arabes

10. Programmes de réparations, justice transitionnelle et droit international : analyse à la lumière du droit individuel à réparation

11. Transitional and transformative justice : critical and international perspectives

12. Étude sur la justice transitionnelle et les droits de l'homme et des peuples en Afrique

13. Justice transitionnelle et constitution

14. Pursuing justice in Africa : competing imaginaries and contested practices

15. Transitional justice in troubled societies

16. La justicia transicional en perspectiva comparada : Centroamérica y México

17. Émergences de nouveaux modèles de démocratie constitutionnelle : Afrique, Proche-Orient

18. Central and Eastern European socio-political and legal transition revisited

19. Mediation in Übergangsstaaten : Entwicklung des Mediationsrechts in Serbien und Kroatien

20. Transitional justice and the public sphere : engagement, legitimacy and contestation

21. Democratic peace across the Middle East : Islam and political modernization

22. The Arab uprisings : transforming and challenging state power

23. International trials and reconciliation : assessing the impact of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia

24. Transitional justice : images and memories

25. Lustration and transitional justice : personnel systems in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland