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1. Research handbook on unilateral and extraterritorial sanctions

2. Les échelles du Levant et de Barbarie : droit du commerce international entre la France et l'Empire

3. State-permeated capitalism in large emerging economies

4. The crime of maldevelopment : economic deregulation and violence in the global south

5. Global shocks and the new global and regional financial architecture : Asian perspectives

6. Handbook on development and social change

7. Understanding the sources of early modern and modern commercial law : courts, statutes, contracts, and legal scholarship

8. The belt and road initiative : law, economics, and politics

9. Droit économique comparé : questions choisies

10. Money in the great recession : did a crash in money growth cause the global slump?

11. State capitalism in Eurasia

12. Trust in regulatory regimes

13. The company in law and practice : did size matter? (Middle Ages - nineteenth century)

14. The end of the Asian century : war, stagnation, and the risks to the world’s most dynamic region

15. African perspectives on trade and the WTO : domestic reforms, structural transformation and global economic integration

16. Comparative law and economics

17. Desert kingdoms to global powers : the rise of the Arab Gulf

18. Politics, culture and economy in popular practices in the Americas

19. The new scramble for Africa

20. Africa : beyond recovery

21. Fragile by design : the political origins of banking crises and scarce credit

22. Networks and trans-cultural exchange : slave trading in the South Atlantic, 1590-1867

23. Reimagining pan-africanism : distinguished Mwalimu Nyerere lecture series 2009-2013

24. Southern insurgency : the coming of the global working class

25. The end of poverty : economic possibilities for our time