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1. Dynamics of constitutional cultures : the cultural manifestation and political force field of constitutionalism

2. Verfassungsentwicklungen im Vergleich : Italien 1947, Deutschland 1949, Spanien 1978

3. Constitutional Identities in Central and Eastern Europe

4. Constitutionalism under extreme conditions : law, emergency, exception

5. Introduction à la théorie générale de l'État : manuel

6. New challenges to the separation of powers : dividing power

7. Populism and Democracy

8. La justice constitutionnelle en Europe

9. Authoritarian constitutionalism : comparative analysis and critique

10. Comparative constitution making

11. Comparative constitutional law documents

12. The Constitutional Systems of East Asia

13. Constitutional amendments : making, breaking, and changing constitutions

14. Constitutional asymmetry in multinational federalism : managing multinationalism in multi-tiered systems

15. Constitutional reform of national legislatures : bicameralism under pressure

16. Divergenz und Transformation : verfassungstheoretische Untersuchung des Eigentumsschutzes in der demokratischen Eigentumsverfassung und im Investitionsschutzregime

17. Ein afrikanisches Verfassungs- und Lesebuch - mit vergleichender Kommentierung

18. European constitutions compared

19. Founding moments in constitutionalism : edited by Richard Albert, Menaka Guruswamy and Nishchal Basnyat

20. Legality and limitation of powers : values, principles and regulations in civil law, criminal law, and public law

21. Pluralist constitutions in Southeast Asia

22. Proportionality balancing and constitutional goverenance : a comparative and global approach

23. Reconstructing sovereignty

24. Western constitutionalism : history, institutions, comparative law

25. The constitutional systems of Central-Eastern, Baltic and Balkan Europe