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1. Courts and judicial activism under crisis conditions : policy making ina time of illiberalism and emergency constitutionalism

2. Judging regulators : the political economy of anglo-american administrative law

3. Process-based fundamental rights review : practice, concept and theory

4. Judicial law-making in English and German courts : techniques and limits of statutory interpretation

5. Rule of law, human rights and judicial control of power : some reflections from national and international law

6. EU rule of law promotion : judiciary reform in the Western Balkans

7. Military justice in the modern age

8. Democracy and judicial reforms in South-East Europe : between the EU and the legacies of the past

9. Legal innovations in Asia : judicial lawmaking and the influence of comparative law

10. Consequential courts : judicial roles in global perspective

11. Le contrôle juridictionnel de la coopération intergouvernementale dans l'Union européenne : contribution au processus de juridictionnalisation de l'Union

12. Il mestiere di giudice : pensieri di un accademico americano : Alberico Gentili Lectures, Macerata, 19-21 marzo 2012

13. Le rééquilibrage du pouvoir juridictionnel

14. Giustizia costituzionale e Stato di diritto

15. Constitutional courts as positive legislators : a comparative law study

16. Il potere giudiziario nell'esperienza europea continentale : the "most dangerous branch"? : giornate di diritto e storia costituzionale, Atelier 4 luglio, G. G. Floridia, II

17. Commonwealth law bulletin : special issue on Courts and Tribunals (vol. 36, number 3, September 2010).

18. Courts and power in Latin America and Africa

19. Diritti e interpretazione : il ragionamento giuridico nello Stato costituzionale

20. Effective judicial review : a cornerstone of good governance

21. Come decidono le corti costituzionali (e altre Corti) : atti del convegno internazionale, svoltosi a Milano, il 25 - 26 maggio 2007

22. Constitutional courts : a comparative study

23. The economics of courts and litigation

24. Judicial activism in common law Supreme Courts

25. Courts and social transformation in new democracies : an institutional voice for the poor?