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1. Assisted suicide and the European Convention on Human Rights

2. Dignity rights : courts, constitutions, and the worth of the human person

3. Research handbook on human rights and poverty

4. Researching peacebuilding in Africa : reflections on theory, fieldwork and context

5. Liberty, slavery and the law in early modern western Europe : omnes homines aut liberi sunt aut servi

6. Transnational human rights litigation : challenging the death penalty and criminalization of homosexuality in the Commonwealth

7. Legal aspects of ethnic data collection and positive action: The Roma Minority in Europe. : the Roma minority in Europe

8. La dignité de la personne humaine : recherche sur un processus de juridicisation

9. Les revers des droits de l'homme en prison

10. Human trafficking and modern slavery law and practice

11. Menschenwürde in der angloamerikanischen Rechtsphilosophie : Ein Vergleich zur kontinentaleuropäischen Begriffsbildung

12. Torture : an expert's confrontation with an everyday evil

13. La lutte contre le terrorisme et les droits fondamentaux en droit comparé : matinée d'étude du 10 novembre 2017

14. A transnational human rights approach to human trafficking : empowering the powerless

15. Talking to the enemy : deradicalization and disengagement of terrorists

16. La dignité de la personne : quelles réalités ? (panorama international)

17. Modern slavery : a comparative study of the definition of trafficking in persons

18. La traite des êtres humains et le travail forcé

19. Immigration detention and the rule of law

20. From human trafficking to human rights : reframing contemporary slavery

21. L'euthanasie

22. The legal understanding of slavery : from the historical to the contemporary

23. Disability and employment : a contemporary disability human rights approach applied to Danish, Swedish and EU law and policy

24. Self-determination, dignity and end-of-life care : regulating advance directives in international and comparative perspective

25. Domestic deployment of the armed forces : military powers, law and human rights