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1. Gender, poverty and access to justice policy : implementation in Sub-Saharan Africa

2. Incorporating the UN convention on the rights of the child into national law

3. Legal capacity & gender : realising the human right to legal personhood and agency of women, disabled women, and gender minorities

4. Looking at aw through children's eyes

5. Children’s rights and commercial communica tion in the digital era : towards an empowering regulatory framework for commercial communication

6. International law and violence against women : Europe and the Istanbul convention

7. Trapped in a religious marriage : a human rights perspective on the phenomenon of marital captivity

8. Violence against women's health in international law

9. Beyond virtue and vice : rethinking human rights and criminal law

10. Governance feminism : notes from the field / .

11. Women and minority rights law in Africa : reimagining equality and addressing discrimination

12. "Mon corps, mes droits !" L'avortement menacé : panorama socio-juridique : France, Europe, États-Unis

13. Women and liberty, 1600-1800

14. Constitutions and gender

15. Del cambio de época al fin de ciclo : Gobiernos progresistas, extractivismo y movimientos sociales en América Latina

16. Gender and justice in family law disputes : women, mediation, and religious arbitration

17. The Oxford handbook of sex offences and sex offenders

18. Protecting Muslim minority women's human rights at divorce : application of the protection against discrimination guarantee in Norwegian domestic law, private international law and human rights law

19. Research on gender and sexualities in Africa

20. The political thought of Abdullah Ocalan : Kurdistan, woman's revolution and democratic confederalism

21. Women in law and lawmaking in nineteenth and twentieth-century europe

22. The public law of gender : from the local to the global

23. Women's rights in democratizing states : just debate and gender justice in the public sphere

24. The politics of gender and the culture of sexuality : western, islamic, and african perspectives

25. The women of colonial Latin America